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Brutus the Boxer. Glitterwolf's Pet


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There was an "adventure "last Thursday.


Youngest Vixen walked Brutus around Noon, Brutus is always on a leash.

 A man with a Golden Retriever ( Unleashed) walked by, he mentioned that the Golden Retriever was harmless.


Suddenly the Golden Retriever came back and attacked Brutus, of course Brutus would not have any of this and a lot of growling and jumping occured ( nothing serious like biting though) BUT...it caused youngest Vixen to fall over the dogs, luckily she was not harmed.

But that evening Brutus showed signs of pain and limping with his rear right leg.


Yesterday I took him to the VET, probably a damaged muscle or something, nothing broken or anything like that.

He has some painkillers and it should be alright within a few days.


Youngest Vixen hadn't experienced fighting dogs yet, so she was upset.

The owner of the Golden Retriever was very friendly, he has called and offered to pay for the VET, but I don't want him to, things happen and if Youngest Vixen hadn't fallen over the dogs I doubt anything would have happened.

Usually dogs growl and jump but rarely wound each other ( with the exception of those who are not trained/bred well)

Things like this can happen if you own a dog.


Anyway..Brutus has been again the centre of attention and gets treats and cuddles everytime he just looks at her, I have a feeling he's working this to his advantage.

He just ate a banana which he got by "asking" and pointing out where we keep them...




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Somehow Brutus always attracts children who like to pet him while some adults take a little distance from him when I walk him.

He's very very friendly.

Sometimes the Vixens have friends over and even when they're chilling in the cellar they come inside the house to say hi to Brutus.


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19 hours ago, Corsair said:

The g'nieces asked if they don't dock boxer's tails in Europe, it is the norm here in the States. And they are all in love with Brutus!


Docking tails was a common practice in the past, my other Boxers had docked tails.

It is now prohibited by law to do so in the Netherlands since 2001 I believe..

Some countries still do it.

I like the complete tail, of course when Brutus get's excited one needs to be careful, it does feel like a whip when he wags it at full speed!


Legal status

Today, many countries ban cropping and docking because they consider the practices unnecessary, painful, cruel or mutilation. In Europe, the cropping of ears is prohibited in all countries that have ratified the European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals. Some countries that ratified the convention made exceptions for tail docking.


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