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Brutus the Boxer. Glitterwolf's Pet


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13 hours ago, TGP said:

Is that a Netherlands Football for a pillow?  Somehow, I hadn’t imagined Brutus following the World Cup.  


Actually, youngest Vixen plays Handball.

This is an old one she gave to Brutus a few weeks ago.

( well actually she just put it on the floor to see what would happen, as per Boxer's decree: if it's on the floor it's mine! Brutus confiscated it)



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I visited the Vet a week ago with Brutus.

His belly is going bald due to hormone problems or old age.

There could be something in his testicles....there is little he can do.

Surgery is out of the question because of his intestines that lay in his chest and around his heart instead of his abdomen.

We will have to wait and see how it goes.


So far he hasn't got any real problems.

Yesterday there was a little wound there, it looks clean and not infected.

If things get bad I will go back to the Vet, maybe get some hormone treatment or something like that.


All in all, he will turn 10 in January ( the 16th) we're in his final stage of life.

I was hoping for one or two more years, but with this I'm not so sure if he will make it.

I might be overreacting of course, maybe it's just a little wound and it might heal again.

Right now he's still joyful and playful so maybe it will be alright, I hope it is a slow growing thing so he can have more time being his joyful self should it be something bad after all.


To protect him from the cold I bought a doggy jacket for him.

It arrived a few days ago, and now it's not cold anymore.

Should the temperatures drop to freezing again he will wear it.



Oh and the last pic?

He was annoyed and disgruntled because he didn't get any banana chips...


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On Christmas Eve we had a family dinner and exchanged presents.


Brutus got a new plushie ( the same model of pink doggy he always has, the blue one was the one he got when he just arrived in our family).


And as is customary now since Brutus himself started the tradition at his first Christmas, he gets to keep all the wrappings and boxes he can get his paws on during this exchange.


He was quite busy tearing it apart till he got exhausted, he loves it.












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As I mentioned before, Brutus is losing his fur on his belly and chest.

All due to a small tumor, inoperable and slow growing.

Like I said, given his age and all we will act when it start to hurt since we can't do anything about it, but for now Brutus is still happy, playful and a big cuddly dog.


Here you can see how he looks now.

The VET has explained it all, we will have to wait and see how long it will be, Boxers seldom reach 12, I'm hoping he will reach 11 but as things are I don't know.

Usually these things take about 6 to 12 months to become dangerous and that will mean the end.

I'm keeping an eye on him, as long as he enjoys his life and isn't in pain I will just spoil him till it's time.






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