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Brutus the Boxer. Glitterwolf's Pet


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On 3/2/2023 at 11:11 AM, Glitterwolf said:


His pink plushie dog is in there as well, no worries.

Brutus wouldn't sleep without it!😀

I thought he had a plushie! But it just wasn’t a bear. 

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18 minutes ago, TGP said:

I thought he had a plushie! But it just wasn’t a bear. 

When he was a puppy he got a blue doggy plushie, he uses it as a pacifier but that does cause damage, so we bought spare doggies as well.

As it turns out there are three pink versions and the original blue.

Everytime he gets too rough with one, my girl repairs it and he gets one of the others during repairs.

He never sleeps without one.

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Went to the VET yesterday.

Vaccinated Brutus.


We talked about his tumors, they seem to be of the slow growing kind, no problems yet.

Of course Brutus getting bald worries me and we discussed that.


It's caused by a small tumor which normally could be removed by surgery ( castration).

Surgery is out of the question due to his intestines that are in his chest and part runs through his heart pocket.

But this VET came up with the option of chemical castration, a chip that releases hormones is injected and it will counter the "bad" hormones.

It's not a guarantee but it could keep things in check so he won't lose more hair or maybe even grow a little back.

The chip will work for 6 months, we can repeat it if things do work.

Since he won't have any problems from it I decided to go for it.


I hope to enhance his quality of life for the remaining year(s) and I felt that this was something we could do.

Wasn't that expensive either so even if it doesn't work, no harm done and worth the try.


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Spring in the Netherlands, we descend to the Southern Province of Limburg where we find this little Town called Venray.

Here the flowers start to bloom, birds are looking for suitable places to nest and squirrels look for nuts.

But what do we have here?


It seems the first Boxer has awoken from his slumber, carefully hunting down his first prey, he has to be careful, such balls can be devious!

After the hunt he needs to relax, basking in the Sun on his plaid, this majestic animal enjoys the first rays of Sunlight



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