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Brutus the Boxer. Glitterwolf's Pet


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My friend got a little nauseous from the heat.

So I made sure he drank some water, then put a wet towel over him.

Instant relief.

After a while I gave him an icecube to eat and later we walked a bit.

He feels better now






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Posted (edited)

Today Brutus scared me a lot.


We woke up and I took him for a walk, I noticed he was a bit nauseous, this happens sometimes.

He did his business and then he had to throw up, just white slime which is normal when they have an empty stomach and feel a bit like that.

Usually it;s just that and then return to normal.


But this time he collapsed, he just fell on his side, I thought he was gone, but his eyes looked normal, no trembling or something like that.

I sat with him for a minute, holding him and feeling his belly to see if I could feel something odd.

Then he got up again, a bit feeble at first and then he was back to normal.


We got home,he ate his breakfast asked for treats even, and then he wondered why I had tears...

He seems to be alright now, I'll keep an eye on him, maybe he was just lightheaded this morning, but given his age it worries me.

I'm not ready to say goodbye to my best friend yet.

I called my buddy who has a Boxer as well. ( his is 11,5 yrs old and also almost at the end, still holding on as well).

He told me that his former Boxer also sometimes just fell over without a clue why, no seizures or something, it just happened a few times at his old age.



Brutus is now hoping that I'm not sad and wonders why I am..




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Brutus did well the rest of the day.

This morning he was his old self and we walked without a problem.

Hoping this was an one off incident, I consider it a wake up call, he IS old!


Going to spoil him rotten for as long as I can.




8a2091222f6e922f62cc77e0c2b17bb1--the-boxer-project-ideas - kopie.jpg

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On 5/19/2023 at 5:08 AM, Glitterwolf said:

Youngest Vixen arrested Brutus for excessive slobbering.


I will spare you the pics from what followed, Brutus confiscated the weapon and ATE it!




"I'm sorry, I cannot hear you; I have a banana in my ear."

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