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Brutus the Boxer. Glitterwolf's Pet


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Pfff here we go again.

Last night Brutus threw up all of his food, about 4 times.

I have a feeling that when we walk he keeps his hind a bit curved, then after a while he walks normal again but he keeps doing that.


We walked this morning, he hasn't eaten his breakfast yet.

Sometimes when he feels nauseous he does that and then he'll eat later.

I really hope he will start eating today.

He's also seeking my attention, but that is not really strange.



Wait and see.

If things go sour I'll go to the VET tomorrow.

I refuse to go back to the animal clinic that gave him the wrong diagnosis last time.

Let's hope it won't ne necessary.


Thing is, this afternoon we have a family gathering with gifts and such at granparent's home.

I hope Brutus has eaten by then and kept it inside so he can nap while we're away.

I'll keep you posted.


EDIT: While typing this he started eating.

Now hoping it stays inside.

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Brutus had recovered.

It seems it was an one off thing, he kept his food down, slept, walked ate again etc.

No problems so far.


I know given his age every day counts and the day will come but I'm happy he's alright for now.

Trying to enjoy each day we still have our friend around.



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