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Brutus the Boxer. Glitterwolf's Pet


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1 hour ago, Cicciopiu said:

Thank you so much guys, I really appreciated it. ::(:


Speaks for itself, most of us are pet owners and / or care about them.

The least we can do is be there for each other.


I remember how I felt when my former dog friends passed away, and you know I was scared for Brutus till yesterday.

It's never easy and there always people who don't understand how much one can love a pet.

We do.


It hurts, in time the hurt will fade, but the memory of your little girl wil never fade.

Not even when you get a new pet.

I love Brutus, maybe most of all, but I still remember my Pasja, Balthar and Odin.

Each had his own personality.


Feel free to talk about it, share memories anything  that helps you.

I'm thinking of you.



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Thank you every one for your empathy; thank you @Glitterwolf, atm is too hard to me to share memories and pictures, as simply thinking about her  kills me.
She was not mine, she simply was a family member (let's say the truth, she was the head of the family ^_^).
We took her with us when she was 4, as a member of her previous family was alergic to her fur, and lived with us more than 10 years...
too hard thinking about her right now... sorry.


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14 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

In case anyone wonders, on those pics on the left you can see a dark towel.

Since Boxers have that square snout and huge lips, when he drinks things can get...wet around him.

So we thought him to come to us to dry his mouth after he had a drink.

That's what that towel is for.


You have better luck that us.  Our second basset had very large flows and proved to be excessively drippy especially after drinking (or seeing food, or thinking about food, or not thinking about thinking about food... so pretty much always.)  he would bark 1 before shaking them out and pretty much acting as a lawn sprinkler.


you taught Brutus where his towel it.  Toby taught our family how to duck!

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