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Finally got around to finishing my wife's halforc


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Quite awhile ago my wife asked me to paint a halforc for her. Then it ended up sitting around for months after I primed it. I really found it hard painting a figure I hadn't chosen, I ended up over thinking color schemes and just kept putting the project off. It was for my wife so I wanted to do my best and not give her a shoddy paint job. Well once I started painting it I ended up painting it to completion in just one evening. It'll be interesting to see how she reacts to that.20180908_005140.thumb.jpg.d3d5ed322b9569432c3253eee340283b.jpg20180908_005151.thumb.jpg.4a51ff90a941f5fc2b5a6c960c8fdbad.jpg20180908_005200.thumb.jpg.31d92aa1fab2dac51721db8c0cfefee0.jpg

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4 minutes ago, Chaoswolf said:

What did your wife think?

She was happy with it, but not so happy it took me do long. It was a combination of of finally figuring out a color scheme and a boost in confidence after getting a hands on painting lesson.


My wife thinks I finished it in one session because I wanted to start my new project and I knew she would give me guff if I didn't do her figure first.

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