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Elrond Mini Bust

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1 hour ago, lowlylowlycook said:

Practice?  You are calling this practice?   


Not fair at all.


I haven't done a human bust before, so I picked a cheap one. I'm also only a few figures in on painting with humidity and additives. I've decided that glaze medium and drying retardant are fun (turns paint into thin mush that can be shoved into place), and flow improver is good for lining. 


Besides, doctors and lawyers practice, but have to be good. Why not painting? :poke:


Not totally sure how to take his hair. It is kinda flat, but the figure doesn't have much to work with. The reference photo I'm using doesn't have strong light on his hair either. 

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It looks amazing, lifelike and his eyebrows and forehead give him such an expressive face. Do you have a picture of it completely unpainted? I'm always curious about the starting point. 

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The closest I have is this one. Shoulda taken more pics. I can get a pic of others in the set to show quality though... will soon. 


The material was kinda easy to peel paint from so I hard sealed it when I finished last night. Still not 100% happy with the hair, and sealing did dull some of the highlights I put in (brought peak highlights to a bone color but they faded). The tiara is rough NMM but I didn't pull out all the stops. Inconsistencies on sculpt made it a bit less fun in that area. I'll try to get complete pics soon but I need to set up a new photo area first.


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