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50009, 50294, 59037: Noir Investigators


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Chang, Honolulu Investigator, Max Graves, Pulp Era Investigator, and the Deadlands Noir Femme Fatale. All look like they could make for a thrilling San Francisco pulp adventure. 

Miss Emeraude, an independent frail who's had it up to here with double-crossing two-bit men and their empty promises (of sacks of diamonds, don't ask questions you don't need answered). 
Detective Mendoza, an old gumshoe whose beat just got personal when his niece overdosed on this new drug on the streets. Word is they're calling it Black Lotus, but who's bringing it in?
Stan Webster, PI, a hard-boiled detective experienced enough to know better than to take a case from a dame that is clearly trouble, and broke enough to have no choice in the matter, not when they pay in diamonds.

Will their investigations get some real big players unhappy at people asking questions, see? (yes.) Will assorted plug-uglies and hired goons try to put their lights out? (yes again.) Will the sleuths uncover a treacherous web of creepy rich perverts, ancient drug cults, and seedy vice dens? (also yes.) Do those legs quit? (they do not.) Tune in next time! 





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