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Siri Tries to Sculpt

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Good start. 


I would bring the top wire down 1mm and the bottom up 1mm.  That will center them in the skull masses.  As it is they will be very close to the surface and will possibly force your detail to be bulkier than you intend.


I would also consider mixing the GS 1:1 with Apoxie Sculpt for the under anatomy.  That will allow you to file and sand it to shape in case anything is off.  It will also make the sculpt as a whole very strong.  Save the pure GS for the last 1 to 2 mm.


For your fin, I know we discussed on FB using AMCO Mesh, but unless you are going to have much side to side movement in it, I'd consider using brass sheet in this application.  The reason I say that is that it is free form without anything supporting it on the other side (like the finger veins of a wing would).  I think then that it would be stronger in this case and easier to sculpt upon.  Like this:




I wish I had a better picture, but those fins were cut from brass sheet and embedded into the underlying anatomy of the neck.  I then laid a sheet of GS on each side to give them thickness and texture.  Then I sculpted the fin vanes followed by the scaly skin on the neck.


For everybody but Siri, if at anytime in this topic you think I am being unduly harsh or overly picky, it is because Siri and I discussed it and I am being so at her request (something I tend to do only if so requested).


This is going to be epic!

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Wait...what is that wire made of Siri?  Please tell me it is steel, because it is probably too thin to support a critter this big if it is bras or copper.  For something this big I'd start with coat hanger wire.


Start of my tiger bust (I should really finish that someday):


post-140-0-45447900-1450128076.jpg post-140-0-02982800-1450128077.jpgpost-140-0-54667900-1450128077.jpg

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10 minutes ago, Sirithiliel said:

you know, i dont'[ know. It was beading wire from Hobby Lobby. I can see if htey have a thicker gauge, i dont' exactly have any wire coat hangers


They will, but it will be cheaper to buy copper wire in 10 or 12 gauge at Home Depot or the hardware store.  You'll have to strip off the plastic coating, but it is cheaper.

Or, take the wire you have and double it over, then twist it tightly together.  This will both make it thicker and work harden it so it will be very stiff.


See the bottom of this armature:



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