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Because I drew it and now I want to make it. I will be sculpting a bust   this is my water dragon Mesopelarthix

Worked on his fin, his lower jaw, head-fins and ears, and the shark

worked on some scales and made the shark's nose pointier  

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The skull is looking pretty good.  Pay attention to your bi-lateral symmetry; the right and left are looking good on their own, but they aren't quite matching from side to side.  A mistake on that now could cause it to look subtly off down the line.


That said, it is all coming together nicely.

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Sculpted in his throat pouch (which is apparently called a 'gular' in pelicans), added the head fins and applied putty to his horns, and stuckeyes in his eye sockets. He just needs his back fin and i need to thicken the neck on the sides a bit, then I think he's ready for a skin layer

Step4 (1).JPG

Step4 (2).JPG

Step4 (3).JPG

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You've got a great structure going. In the last picture (the dragons left side) the neck seems to have an unnatural dip in it right where the gular meets the throat. You can most likely remedy this in further layers but I thought I'd point it out in case you missed it. 

Looking good so far, can't wait to see how you handle the skin layer!

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