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Because I drew it and now I want to make it. I will be sculpting a bust   this is my water dragon Mesopelarthix

Worked on his fin, his lower jaw, head-fins and ears, and the shark

worked on some scales and made the shark's nose pointier  

Posted Images

Thanks! Doing the other side with scales tonight. I probably need to learn a better way to do them, but it's my first time trying so ah well


still need to do gums, teeth, and finish the head fins and horns. The lower jaw hinge needs more 'meat' so i'll be applying more to that area as well


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did left-side scales, bottom teeth, redid the shark's drooping pectoral fin, elongated the tail fin, and sculpted nostrils.


fun fact: Water dragons can close their nostrils to seal out water, like a whale's blow hole. They do this when filter-feeding, to force all consumed water out through the gills and tightly packed teeth instead (having krill snorted out the nose is unpleasant, better to just seal that exit off entirely)

Step9 (1).JPG

Step9 (2).JPG

Step9 (3).JPG

Step9 (4).JPG

Step9 (5).JPG

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