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Because I drew it and now I want to make it. I will be sculpting a bust   this is my water dragon Mesopelarthix

Worked on his fin, his lower jaw, head-fins and ears, and the shark

worked on some scales and made the shark's nose pointier  

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You should be very proud, this is an excellent first piece! Your design was ambitious but I think you did an excellent job bringing it to life. I think the top horns look a little rough with some fingerprint lines and stuff that isn't super smooth but that's minor and easy to sand down if you felt like it. Great work overall, can't wait to see what you do next!

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Yea, he definitely has issues.

His back fin is asymmetrical as well, leaning more to one side rather than evenly in the middle. His head crests and nostrils dont' measure up properly either, and his bottom jaw is way too thick


but it was my first try, i'll learn

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Just now, Marineal said:

Question: is that 2 different types of green stuff? What is the lighter green of the two?


Also, he looks fantastic! Great work!


the very light green is a 50-50 mix of apoxie sculpt and green stuff, the other shades of green are just green stuff with different amounts of yellow vs blue

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On 3/21/2019 at 5:10 PM, Sirithiliel said:

I think he's done


That looks horrible!

Not worth painting, I suggest you get rid of it, send it far far away, maybe as far as to the Netherlands.

You know what? Send it to me, I will paint and cherish it destroy it utterly for you!

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