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77592: Frost Giant Queen WIP


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Hey there!


This is my first post-ReaperCon mini, and I'm using her to practice the various techniques that I learned in various classes. I'll be posting stages along the way, and feedback is very much appreciated!


For starters, I've gotten most of the base coats down, and the first thing I practiced was two brush blending on her orange cloak.


My plan is to do a bit of freehand along the trim in the light orange of the front skirt, and then use the same trim along the skirt in the dark orange of the cloak. It makes sense in my head, anyway!


The chest armor is done with the new Dungeon Dwellers color "Kobold Scale", and I love it. It's got a deep maroon/brown thing going on.


Thanks for looking!



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Took the cloak up a bit more into yellow, and then did the first pass on the dress. It's looking a little too peach, so I think I'm going to glaze a bit of white over the extreme folds.


I also did the flesh, which I'm keeping light for the ice effect.


Next I'll be doing the front dress and probably starting on layering up the leather breastplate.




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Added more layering, blended out the breastplate, worked up the winter wolf pelt, etc.


I love that "Kobold Scale" color so much! I do think that the breastplate needs a little variety, so I may go through with some browns and give it some stains/wear.


Still a bit of work to be done, but I really like how it's going!



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