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Axolote Hex: 3d hex dungeons


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Gloomhaven Scenario 1 - Miniatures are property of Cephalofair Games Gloomhaven Scenario 1 - Miniatures are property of Cephalofair Games

3d printable hex tiles, perfectly compatible with Gloomhaven or any RPG, as well as Shadespire and other hex based games by scaling up the tiles.

Adventuring in multiple universes often takes us to fantastic places, 3d printing has made it possible to bring the worlds from our imaginations to the table. There are already many systems which create fantastic dungeons, caverns, towns and forests; however all of these systems use square based grids. Squares are very good for some things, making a rectangular room is easier to imagine than adding walls to a hex grid, however this set has a new way to make easy walls while also taking the many advantages of a hex grid which are:

  • No diagonal movement - fair and more natural movement
  • 1 hex based module - more configurations and more possible builds
  • Adjacency - No diagonal attacks, every slot available to attackers is clear
  • Natural Formations - Hexes present a more natural shape so they adapt better to natural formations
  • Irregular Rooms - whenever there is a skew wall squares tend to have too much unused space, with hex grids you can do walls in every 8 directions with our wall system.
  • Easier Spells - some spells have a much easier way to calculate the appropriate area of effect.

These are only some of the advantages, if you want to convert to hex d20SRD has some other pointers. 

This set uses Printable Scenery's Openlock design. Their design is well known and has been open from the get-go, this has let a ton of people grow the community and make some incredible designs. If you like this set please visit their page to look at what they have. I am also working on a solution to make the sets more compatible and have some connection tiles, go from squares to hexes!

Texture Sets

This campaign has 4 base sets, and one trap and decoration bundle, Most of the sets include at least 1 tile per available frame, one wall per wall length and a column. Most have more options that will be listed below.


The Dungeon Set has a complete set, plus some extra broken walls and floors with moss and a more broken stone.


The Cave set has extra wall textures to make your caverns look more realistic.


The Tavern set has an extra set of "inn" walls with stucco to give some wall variety.


The Grassland set has 3 full sets of floors, grass, mixed and dirt, this way you can make roads and transition tiles easily.


With over 45 different decorations and traps, this is the perfect addition to liven up your dungeons and make them look more populated. includes some tiles that snap on to the frame system. 

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3 hours ago, WhiteWulfe said:

Looks neat.  I wonder how long it would take to print a decent sized dungeon... 

Depends on your printer.

I backed the last Axolote KS, which was a large campaign with a lot of extra material unlocked, and the files comes out on a regular schedule as promised.:winkthumbs:

Now if my KS printer/scanner/laser cutter would just get here.:bday:

The hex grid system looks like a worthwhile addition, particularly for outdoor adventures with encounters that could get "interesting" and require accurate figure placement to visualize and resolve.


OK, what just happened?

Tried to fix the strikethrough but it won't budge.


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New campaign with focus on 3d hex dungeons, we are funded, but there are still plenty of Stretch Goals to break. This set is also completely compatible with Gloomhaven and can be scaled up to be used with Shadespire. 



Campaign Front-01.png

Hex system.png

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