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Ultimate Gaming Tables: GameChanger - Game Tables and Table Toppers


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This Kickstarter ships to the contiguous 48 States in the US.

FIND US AT www.UltimateGameTable.com  

Behold, legions of tabletop gamers! The GameChanger Game Tables and Table Toppers have arrived! Amazing features, accessories and expandability make this the gaming table we all have been waiting for. The GameChanger allows you to play your games, your way. We create unmatched gaming table systems and accessories, then deliver them right to your door.  


Our #Goals

Our goal for this Kickstarter was to create a line of beautifully-designed and durable game tables and table toppers and to do it at an affordable price point.. Quality products made from Baltic birch, packaged and protected to survive the trip to your home, are not cheap. But we knew we had to try...and we succeeded. The result is the GameChanger Series you see here! We have risen to the challenge: A game table for every gamer's home. 

We are already leaders in the game table industry. We know what gamers want, and we know how to deliver. Join us!


We've never been ones to back down from a challenge, so we went back to the drawing board with a clean sheet of paper.  The tables and toppers had to be strong, use high quality materials, and focus on game play. There had to be a system of accessories that allowed you to create the exact custom experience that you desire. Finally it had to be innovative and fun. 

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49 minutes ago, SamuraiJack said:

I was excited when I got the announcement, but $459 for basically a 4x4 Ikea table and no play mat or accessories makes me want to build one on my own too.

My custom built 4x6 mini gaming table using cabinets cost me around $600 or so, once all the materials were totaled up.  My time/labor at $10/hr would probably triple that cost. 

If you have the skills and resources to build your own table, it will certainly be more affordable. Especially if you can start by hacking an existing piece of furniture. 

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I've found some IKEA hacks using $150 and $200 tables so far..  then of course there's the $150 make it from scratch blog, but my OCD would require it to be over finished..


$460 for a 4' x 4' assembled pub table isn't out of line, but then I add on coffee table height legs separate, game mat separate, dining cover separate, cup holders, etc..  and I have to put it together myself.. it just moves it past my laziness vs wallet tipping point

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