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Managed to get quite a bit done tonight. I decided that after a squad of regular troops I wanted something different, so I started painting my Leman Russ tank. 


When I sat down I really only wanted to base coat the green and brown in a blotch camo pattern but I found working on a tank was a lot like a can of Pringles, once I popped I just couldn't stop. So I also base coated the treads and added a little dirt splotching around the bottom of the hull. I waited for that to dry and then I hit the whole tank with a black wash.20180924_235906.thumb.jpg.664c47f8ded63934dc4a11911417da7f.jpg20180924_235916.thumb.jpg.a161e088554a0437a45badab75d3fdc4.jpg20180924_235947.thumb.jpg.76850618820c5e29b97ad43bd287e706.jpg20180924_235942.thumb.jpg.8e42424af0414c0432c7dfc92b7cb47b.jpg20180924_235956.thumb.jpg.ddbadf27a0580938e44b53ed7a73f599.jpg20180925_000006.thumb.jpg.7f08343cac56481ae4428827150183b2.jpg20180925_000012.thumb.jpg.dff4c2e4b2427d3388dad38c345b44b2.jpg


Other than painting the tank's weapons I'm calling this tank done. I'll have to take another look at it tomorrow after the wash dries but I'm fairly confident its finished. I will have to work on the spotlight a little more though toning down the Dragon Blue.


I know the wash isn't dry in the pictures but I wanted to post my progress before calling it a night. After this session I'm also very low on the Citadel black wash so I'll be picking up a regular sized pot of tge stuff a lot sooner than I had planned (the rest of the pots however remain virtually untouched).

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Short update before I sit down to paint. I've finally locked down a time with my buddy to play, so Friday I'll have my first game. That being the case I built my list for Friday and since it's just a friendly first game I'll be fielding a lot of unpainted figures. 


First Game List- 550 Points(Provided I calculated everything correctly)


Leman Russ Tank- 344

(2 Plasma cannons, Lascannon, Eradicator Nova Cannon, and Tread Guards)


Special Weapons Squad- 43

(2 Flamers, 1 Grenade Launchers)


Infantry Squad A- 55

(1 Mortar Heavy Weapon Team, 1 Grenade Launcher, Vox-caster)


Infantry Squad B- 47

(1 Sniper Rifle, Vox-caster)


Lord Commissar- 59

(Plasma Pistol)

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I sat down for what I thought would be a quick and easy paint session but I got into a real groove. I started by painting the visible areas on the underside of the tank's swivel mount. After that I intended to base coat the khaki on the Sergeant, Vox-caster, and the sniper. This would have given me three figures to paint together to completion. Instead I base coated the khaki of fifteen figures.20180927_020353.thumb.jpg.4646474dd3066995fe6e3c715d541239.jpg20180927_020527.thumb.jpg.322a3b7f892036c0a57e5c1f3d714c8d.jpg20180927_020549.thumb.jpg.ce9aa013574b1f28f76066a8ccb85576.jpg


After that I started working on the green of their armor and weapons but only managed to finish four and start a fifth before running out of paint on my pallette. I took that as a sign and decided to stop for the night.20180927_020419.thumb.jpg.bf9f6e90e53af2ffe5b3356cc676cf86.jpg20180927_020434.thumb.jpg.ac5eda0ff4d9cf912782b24336b73338.jpg20180927_020454.thumb.jpg.ab3004d8ff115ee5b6ee3c843facd4a5.jpg


This leaves me with a bit of a decision to make though; do I finish the green base coat on all the figures or just start into the detail and skin of the first four? I'm going to sleep on it, but right now I'm leaning towards finishing the green base coat on all the figures then selecting a smaller batch for detail and skin work (let's be honest fifteen figures at once is a bit much).


After a session like that I'm fairly confident I'll finish everything in time for Parade day. Though there is still plenty to do:

Finish painting all regular troops

Paint my commissar

Paint my stone wall

Base all figures

Seal all figures, tank, and stone wall

Finish paint job on my watchtower 

Base my large piece of display terrain

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My wife just seems to know me too well. Even though our anniversary is a month away she gave me a present today, just as soon as it arrived in fact. Since she heard me talking up the Citadel washes (or I guess Citadel calls them shades) to a friend last week she thought a set would make a nice gift.


However she has been burnt in the past when it comes to buying me gifts, apparently I'm notorious for going out and buying whatever it is immediately after she has bought it for a future present. Prime example is when we were dating and I finally bought my 5th edition Player's Handbook for D&D when she had already bought a copy wanting to surprise me at the next game.


Her exact words when handing me the package this evening, "I know our anniversary isn't for awhile but if I don't give you this now you'll just end up buying it before I give it to you." So that's how I ended up with a Citadel box of washes a month before our anniversary. For the record she was only partly correct though, this upcoming Wednesday I intended to stop at our local Warhammer shop and purchase a pot of Nuln Oil not an entire set. None of these washes will go to waste however even though I only needed the one for my current project.20180928_004346.thumb.jpg.32fb769bdb2759d008eef7289bee4f28.jpg


Now onto the project's progress. Today I washed the tank turret's underside piece, it may seem unnecessary but it would have bothered me otherwise. I also got into a groove again tonight and was able to paint five more figures to completion. As a bonus my wall also got it's first true base coat of shadowed stone. 20180928_003922.thumb.jpg.76aa291e0837edb12b8d73a4b3ce8a1d.jpg20180928_004241.thumb.jpg.60b4f23280c56f901f303a37d3311f4b.jpg


I probably won't get to paint tomorrow but I will get to play my first game instead. My buddy agreed to a 550 point game, which was a huge scale down for him. I'm pretty excited to play but I'm smart enough to know I'm going to get steamrolled, that will however present me with the opportunity to play multiple games though. 

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5 minutes ago, lowlylowlycook said:

Huh, so if you buy a set of washes they are in normal sized pots and not in the taller, designed to be knocked over pots?

I think so, but I'm not positive. My initial set of washes came in half or quarter size pots. The "anniversary" washes I just received though may in fact be in regular size pots, that's how much I know about Citadel paints/washes.

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17 minutes ago, lowlylowlycook said:

Huh, so if you buy a set of washes they are in normal sized pots and not in the taller, designed to be knocked over pots?

They're available in either size, but usually the smaller pots are only in boxed sets.. At least in most stores. 


Most of them are usually sold in 24mL paint pots.. Yup, the easily knocked over ones. My local GW stores only carry the 24mL ones for individual purchase. 

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Well I played my first game of 8th edition on Friday and was pleasantly surprised. The game really has been streamlined and it ends up being very accessible to new players. My friend had only played a couple games before and I have never played 40K (not even previous editions, though I have read a ton of old rulebooks and codexes, so I was familiar with the game mechanics), and though I'm sure we messed up a few rules here and there we both had a good time.


Since it was a Magic prerelease the shop we played at was open all night so we could play as long as we liked. We ended up only playing two games but were there till about midnight. That first game took about four hours but once we were familiar with the mechanics and our troops the second game only took about an hour. 


As for the painting front I obviously didn't paint Friday or Saturday night. Friday I was actually playing the game and Saturday I attended my ten year High school reunion. Now it appears as if I'm coming down with a cold, so I'm not sure if I'll paint tonight either.


There is still plenty to paint and base if I want to finish in time for Armies on Parade on the 13th. I was on track to finish with time to spare, but with a cold coming on I'm not so sure. We'll just have to see what happens.

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Looking again at the picture you posted, yup, those are standard sized Citadel paint pots.  The only complaint I've heard about that size is when you're doing up an army is that one tends to go through them a tad faster than you would the larger pots, but on the flipside you don't have to physically hold the pot when transferring the wash to a palette with your spare hand, build a shade pot stabilizer/holder is another option (be they 3D printed, made of MDF, or acrylic.  You can usually find various types for such on Etsy).  Or I suppose there is the option to just dip and apply, but I've kind of gotten used to using a palette.


Behind the spoiler is size of the 24mL paint pots compared to a Reaper dropper bottle and a regular Citadel paint pot.  They're the same diameter as the standard ones, just twice as high, so they have a habit of being easy to knock over.




For the game, I'm glad it was an enjoyable one, with rules not too too difficult to pick up, as in the past that has been a bit of a complaint from newcomers that tried to pick it up without having someone to help guide them through the first few matches.  Definitely brings hope that if/when I get some of my 40k armies actually assembled and painted and find somewhere to play the new rules will be easier to absorb ^_^

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Started to feel better yesterday, so I may have just had one of those random 24 hour bugs. Last night I worked on my army (though admittedly I probably should have just got a good night's sleep).


I started by finishing the detail work on four guardsmen, nothing fancy just the regular fine details and making the armor and rifle look worn. Once that was finished I started work on their skin. At the game on Friday I noticed my old Sergeant had a large spot of green on his right cheek so I fixed his skin at the same time. 


While I waited for everything to dry I painted the green armor on the final two regular guardsmen. Of course by the time I finished base coating those two the others were dry. So the first four got a quick wash before I decided to switch gears.20181002_143618.thumb.jpg.f15f868fc72dc95012b50ea8d62eea22.jpg20181002_143527.thumb.jpg.b24e664ca02a06ea639673ba292e4446.jpg


Since I'll be doing a large piece of display terrain I didn't want to use my Reaper Earth Brown, that would just be a waste seeing as the piece will  probably be thrown out afterwards (I am not making a piece that will last). So instead I looked at my Apple Barrel paints and selected a few to test out for terrain painting.


Once again I grabbed my terrain testing piece (this is a random coin I used awhile back to test painting cheap craft sand into dirt) and tried using Apple Barrel's Melted Chocolate to repaint the sand.  It turned out so well I decided not to try out the other colors.



Now that I had a color for the terrain I switched gears yet again and began basing my troops. All the completed figure's bases got sand with the exception of the figures that were still wet with wash. Since I had leftover glue on my pallete I began working on the large piece of cardboard that I'll be using for a display base. I came close to covering the piece but was quickly running out of steam, so I stopped for the night. 20181002_143555.thumb.jpg.58b648d38034f44270fb016cfe4a3937.jpg20181002_143713.thumb.jpg.f94d47b5af6dd4293e52bff118881d23.jpg


All in all it was a pretty productive night, but I've still got a lot to do. As it stands I still have to finish:

Painting two guardsmen

Starting the bases on six figures

Finishing the bases of all the guardsmen (painting the sand into dirt and adding a little flock)

Painting my commissar

Painting the tank's weapons

Basing the commissar

Painting my stone wall

Basing my display terrain

Painting the display terrain

Finishing my display terrain

Add freehand markings to watchtower

Sealing the guardsmen, the tank (including weapons), the commissar, and the stone wall


Please disregard the loose sand on my station but I figured it'd be easier to clean once after the large piece was finished than to continually clean it. I just couldn't come up with a good way to keep the sand contained on such a large piece. While I was working I was certain I'd come up with a good idea after I already made a complete mess, but so far I still don't have a good idea for sand containment.

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I do my flocking and sanding over an old beat up cookie sheet with a rim. Doesn't catch all of it but keeps the mess down and I can more easily pour it back into the container.

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2 minutes ago, Zink said:

cookie sheet with a rim

I love that, there's no way I would have thought of that. My best idea was a large sheet of project/poster paper which I obviously didn't use. I will definitely try that if I make any more big pieces in the future.

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It works great for smaller things but some of the stuff I've done lately, mostly hills, was a bit too big even for that. Mine currently sports a fair bit of flock and sand that glued itself to the tray too if I was sloppy putting the glue on.

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Made a little more progress last night. The last two guardsmen got their details finished, their wash applied, and I also fixed the old sergeant's face. My large display base is officially covered in sand too. No pictures today however, just didn't seem like photo worthy progress. 


Now comes the task of basing the last six guardsmen and painting all of the sand before adding flock. I'm at the point in the project where I honestly can't tell if I'll finish in time. Next Saturday is the parade and I think this is going to be down to the wire. Just so much left to do.

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Didn't get to paint Friday as I was playing 40K pretty late into the night. I did however manage to get another commissar for only six bucks and a reasonably priced Taurox from a bits bin. There is no way they'll be ready for Parade day though so for now they're just sitting in my desk.


Tonight I managed to paint the last few miniature's bases and while I waited for the paint to dry I also tackled painting the sand on my display piece. Painting such a big piece took some time, in this case just enough time for the figure's paint to dry.


I put the newly painted miniatures aside and began flocking the other figure's bases. That also took quite a bit of time, so much that I felt confident that I could flock the newly painted figures too. With little more than a week before Parade Day all my figures are based (this includes my commissar as well, even though I haven't finished painting the figure, we'll have to see if that was a mistake).


I'm now one step closer to finishing on time. The next step will be sealing my figures, my tank, and the small stone wall.20181007_021728.thumb.jpg.a0535204067bb74dc0b62f66ae2892b2.jpg20181007_021810.thumb.jpg.394cfc5b19d5c25432d86497e9e9d62c.jpg20181007_021858.thumb.jpg.17023f35526c827a8f94551d94df4304.jpg20181007_021711.thumb.jpg.7a4d857210734f20752a5821cd9baa9d.jpg20181007_021557.thumb.jpg.6ffa1d9c959ac024205d1d935100ef6b.jpg

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