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Battle Report, Texas Toy Solider, Carrollton TX 09/11

Savage Coyote

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So MiniAdict, myself and his son all met at Texas Toy Soldier for a 5k battle.  MiniAdict and myself played mercenaries (well, I had an all Ritter force, but it was a little wonky as it doesn't follow "conventional" force structures for the faction.). We fielded:


Section one (attack - MiniAdict)

2x Starhawk VI's





Section two (fire support - me)

4x Manticores




MiniAdict's son has begun a new force that ISN'T purple!  He brought his mercs out to give them a try:


Section one (attack)

2x Chieftains

2x Lion II's




Section two (fire support)

3x Reapers

Talon (proxied with a Raptor)


So we set up and I'm super conscious of the Reapers as I've sat behind massed heavy guided missile boats in the past, and even with the reduced abilities, they are still dangerous as they can hit pretty hard.  From the outset, MiniAddicts son thought they could fire indirect so he set them up in the corner.  My set up was more trying not to get shot with heavy guided missiles in turn one!  We created our forces under the CAVCon "tournament" rules where only CAV's and tanks are allowed with no doctrine or battlefield upgrades or strike packages.



So we are activating by sections this week, and MiniAddict goes first, moves forward, then his son races his Chieftains forward at max speed.  I activate, using an EST lock from my Cougar, drop a strike point on the lead Chieftain with the first Manticore, using the three other FCS, line of site, and ATC1 to help the roll.  That strike point connected so I went to roll the combat rolls.  I rolled a critical hit, two more hits, and a critical failure.  Rolled for ammo and... *click*. I still piled a heap of damage on the lead chieftain.  Then I realized the second Chieftain was within three of the first, so I activated the Tiamet and used the first Manticore's strike point via Chain-fire Pod (I had an active target lock on) and brought the rain.  The damaged Chieftain was vaporized while I did three damage to the second one.  My other Manticores moved up and unloaded on the second one using a strike point roll.  Well, the first one did.  Cause he killed it.  MiniAddict's son got some shots off against MiniAddict's Javelin and did four damage with heavy guided missiles, and the turn was over.






So turn two, my Manticores move up and drop missiles on the fire support Talon.  Very poor rolling later, he's knocked down and stunned with a couple tracks left (I say poor because my Tiamet and at least one of the three Manticores didn't hit anything on their combat rolls and the other two only hit with like half).  One of the Reapers did minimal damage to one of the Starhawks, and the Starhawk returned a little damage in turn.  The Duelist did two damage to the lead Lion II and that was it for the turn.




On turn three, I went first and shuffled my Manticores around a little and dropped all of my rockets on top of the Archer.  By now both APA2's are going strong and it was time to turn his off.  I take the archer down to track seven.  The Archer will live another turn!  MiniAddict's son moves his Lions up, and tries to shoot at my Manticores, but needed tens since his Archer had wandered away and JUST out of APA2 range.  He misses, and MiniAddict piles on the damage to the damaged Lion II and inflicts some on the second one.  This suppresses the second one so he has a -2 to all rolls and can't move forward, which makes PBG's sad.



(Poor Jaguar was afraid to stick it's nose out while twelve heavy guided missiles could connect!)


So turn four, MiniAddict's son gets LOS to one of my Manticores (he decided that my Manticores were public enemy number one or something!) and put two damage on it.  He missed two of the missiles and barely hit with the other two.  I lucked out there.  I activated and killed the Archer and Talon with the three Manticores.  This was a problem because I didn't have an active strike point to pass to my Tiamet which means he needs a high number to do anything from his position in the back.  After factoring in the friendly APA2, I needed a nine to target one of the Reapers.  I laughed and threw the dice.  Double sixes!  So I cackle, and start rolling!  And end up doing two damage total.  HORRIBLE Combat Rolls!  MiniAddict kills off the Lion II's this round as well and the game is obviously wrapping up as the Reapers haven't been able to really contribute to the battle in any fashion.





So Turn five kicks off and Brandon activates his Reapers, trying to get shots on my Manticore and the Duelist.  He moves them up together trying to use TAG to get his shots off.  Not much happens really.  Then I activate and MiniAddict points out the PERFECT placement of his Reapers.  Activate my damaged, sacrificial Manticore, and hit the strike point roll (yellow German eagle dice in the center of the three Reapers) drop the AoE to two for the Tiamet and then proceed to wreck the already injured Reaper and put solid damage on the other two.  The other two Manticores light up the second Talon who'd run up and turned off my Cougar's ECM and jammed him up good.  And when I mean light up, I mean they killed him outright with damage to spare.  Light armored units beware!  MiniAddict dumped more damage into the mauled Reaper and dispatched him.





Turn six was the end, and my section activated again and again, I used the strike point and AoE of the Tiamet to damage the Reapers more.  Remaining Manticores chipped away and MiniAddict cleaned up for the final kills.





So for the final analysis, being able to limit the Reapers impact really really turned the battle in our favor.  dropping the Attack section realitivly quickly finished the game off; we just had to roll dice to kill the final targets.  I believe if the Reapers were deployed differently it would have effected the outcome greatly, but it's always hard to play the "what if" game and know for sure.  Being able to properly support the Tiamet can make it a great beast of a CAV though.  Changed my mind about it for sure!


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