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03801 & 03802, two kitsunes (foxy lady and fellow!)


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They're wonderful and so expressive! The outfit patterns are truly wonderful. **writes some notes** 


I actually have these figures, but they have TONS of flashing and some rather annoying mold lines. At least I didn't see terrible mold slip, but the lines are really tricky to get at for removal. One on Kogo's goes through his hair at the top of his head. I'm worried about carving it off and removing it could mess up the fur texture. Others are due to the flashing between legs or ribbons (Dijoro). Got any advice on cleaning them up? I have tiny files, but I dunno if they're tiny enough! 

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Thanks, everyone!


@Beowulfthehunter: Ah, I hadn't considered who would be playing the characters.  At least you can play a kitsune that you like!


@Morihalda: Thanks for reading the explanations.  I had memories and anecdotes to share about each step of the process: design, sculpt, paint.


@Cyradis: Sorry to hear about the bad mold-lines.  I find that the tip of an X-Acto #11 blade is usually pointed enough to get into tight spots.  I just have to be careful not to snap off the point.  You might need some combination of cutting and then patching with Green Stuff (or other putty of your choice) and gloss sealer.  You're also a skilled enough painter that you could use freehand brushwork to simulate the texture even if you don't resculpt it to match perfectly.   Or if you think the casting is anomalously bad (sometimes a bad figure or a bad mold-spin gets past the QC), try emailing a photo to Reaper and see whether they'll send you a better casting to replace it!


@Glitterwolf: Yes, these are definitely Nippon-appropriate.  With different colors, she could fit right in alongside your army of undead and demons ... a creepy kitsune ...




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On 9/13/2018 at 2:49 AM, Glitterwolf said:

Excellent and inspiring work ( again).


I could use that female for my Nippon Project.

Another mini on the wishlist.


Nice touch with the hidden dagger!

Do it, she's a gorgeous mini!  I, er, uhm, playfully challenge you to finish painting her before I finish painting her? >.>;;;   ::P::devil:


Also, wow.... Just... Wow, those are some gorgeous paint jobs of the two kitsune!  :wub:

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Thanks again!

@Glitterwolf and @WhiteWulfe : I look forward to seeing your painted renditions.  Please post to Show-Off when they are ready.

@NecroMancer (and @Metalchaos ):  I enjoyed coming up with a distinctive "kitsune palette" for these two (bright pastels that harmonize with their orange fur), just as I enjoyed coming up with palettes for the other nonhuman minis that I've sculpted and then painted: 5 derro, 3 hellborn, and 3 tengu.



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    • By dks
      Nearly two years after I started a thread for showing off the figures of my Pathfinder Society characters, I present the second figure.
      (For that thread about the first character, click here: link.)
      This is Sister Ayano, a kitsune archer (level 8 now: paladin 5 of Shelyn / zen-archer monk 3).
      I did some extensive conversion to the elf archer Caerwynn, from the Warlord line.
      Here is the finished Ayano:

      You can see the Work-in-Progress thread for her here: link.
      You may have noticed the concept art for two kitsune figures in the "Eastern Legends" stretch-goal from the recent Bones III Kickstarter.  I'll be sculpting those two.  So if you like the way Ayano the kitsune looks and you wish Reaper made others figures like her ... well, you're in luck (sort of).
    • By Mutilatedlips
      Painted for a friend. I had an extremely difficult time from beginning to the end. I am starting to hate gluing little things. The final straw was when my superglue had a reaction with the Vallejo dirt and ate away a chunk of it. Walking into the room and seeing the model hanging by a thread of goo...a nice stream of curses followed. Finally finished, but with little joy. 




    • By Evilhalfling
      So I was really proud of this guy, am planning on submitting this for the inspiration Gallery
      I think it was new for bones 3, so this may be one of the first painted. 
      Oh there is a metal version - sculpted and painted by DKS. 
      aw man.... I need to fix some stuff. 
      Also when I first based it the leaves were too bright and stole attention.  (also a criticism  of my Reapercon entry)  So I tried adding some dull brown paint to tone it down.
      I think it worked and may go back and do the same to Treetop Pheonix. 

    • By WhiteWulfe
      Okay, I couldn't really resist the silly title that had a touch of alliteration...  Guess it's a thing for me or something.  Anyways, I figured I'd want to do up a long-term WIP thread featuring a themed army that has the goal of being made mostly of Reaper miniatures...  That and hey, I like gnolls and minotaurs, so... Why no!  Not quite certain what the precise theme is just yet, but we'll roll with "spots and stripes are awesome, as is a love for axes and mythology in general" as the starter of it all.  Initially, this army will be made mostly (if not all) with Bones figures, but eventually metal minis will find their way in.  Bones are rather convenient with their pricing, and there is a wide selection on offer!
      It's also something to paint other than my various Games Workshop armies (Tau, Catachans, a scattered amount of Space Marines, a few Tyranids (for now), Skaven, as well as (fantasy) Orcs, although I have nowhere near as many greenskins), and my main focus is purely on fun, with fluff to come as things go.  That and I very much so plan on spending a good amount of time on each mini, not just for detail, but to improve my own skills in general.  One could potentially argue that I intend on making these guys more of my "showpieces", which is something I don't mind the thought of at all
      I like how @Glitterwolf formats their posts, so...  I'm thiefing parts of it, as it's a nice formatting, and of course provides a reasonable amount of detail for it all, so why not
      Pictures were taken with my mobile phone (Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge) because at the time I didn't quite feel like messing around with my G85 - or something to that effect ~_^

      First and foremost, we have double trouble with a handsome hunk, I mean a minotaur who means business!  77012 Gnoll Warrior, 77013 Minotaur, and 77236 Bloodmane.  White bones doesn't quite look appropriate in my eyes as it's "naked", so let's fix that...

      ^Both gnolls now have primer on them...  And of course the couple of mold lines I missed are blatantly visible... Not that I mind, it's always nice to find them NOW other than a few hours into things...
      I'm planning on going somewhat darker for their fur, hence why the medium-ish grey priming job.
      Paint used:
      09108 Brush-on Primer
      09065 Grey Liner
      Two parts primer, three parts grey liner, one drop of water to improve flow.

      ^Not to be outdone, our fearless minotaur jumps into the fray as well, although somewhat lighter than the gnolls.  Something about how a fox is thinking about going with a more "traditional" medium brown.  Would have used brown liner, but, uhm, don't have that, so grey liner it is.
      Paint used:
      09108 Brush-on Primer
      09065 Grey Liner
      Three parts primer, two parts grey liner, one drop of water to improve flow.

      ^And since I just had to have him on my last order, here we have most of what I'll call our first leader, or even general of it all, 77376 Minotaur Demon Lord, partially test-fit.  I ran out of time to get the mold lines on the other six parts, but I'll be working on that today.  Goal is to have him assembled today, and quite possibly primered as well.  I'm not quite certain as to precisely what colour I'll be going with on him, but for some reason an almost "aflame" reddish-coppery-orange with hints of brown in it come to mind.

    • By Lidless Eye
      Another set complete!  This time it's a group of Eastern Fantasy themed adventurers and encounters.  Almost all the minis are from the third Bones Kickstarter, with the exception of the Tengu/Kenku Monk armed with kamas.  She's from Stonehaven.

      The group:

      The Oni:


      The Kitsune.  The male is one of my favorites...I hadn't even noticed the sake glass in his hand  until I started painting!  That and his swagger make for a very characterful sculpt.


      Just some Human Monks:


      The Kenku/Tengu:


      This is the non-Reaper one, a Monk from Stonehaven Miniatures:

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