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Happy Birthday TheAuldGrump

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For my birthday this year, the doctors have given me a negative on my cancer screenings! :bday:


My blood pressure is anomalous - and high enough that it should have been accompanied by a slew of other problems - skin lividity, irregular pulse and or respiration, lack of nerve sensitivity, & etc. - but wasn't. (Even my body fat level is decent.)


So, they have gone digging for other things that might cause anomalous results.


But, looks like cancer, at least is not one of them. ::):


The Auld Grump - so far, just the blood pressure - which was in the 'why are you still alive?' range.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Kid aka TheAuldGrump!  Enjoy the bejeezus out of YOUR VERY OWN GLORIOUS Thursday. Another day above ground is reason enough to celebrate.

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