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Fallout 2 Caravan Merchant (50291, 77256)

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Okay, here's ANOTHER entry for the merchant caravan, this time utilizing a couple of items from the Safari Ltd "Down on the Farm Toob": a cow, and a trailer.  I filled the trailer with assorted junk from my "bitz box," and a few Hirst Arts Castlemolds castings.  For the cow/brahmin, I used Japanese plastic clay to make a three-part mold of the head, then used epoxy putty to make a "cast" of the head.  I removed the original head, then drilled pinning holes and attached both heads at angles with some wire, and used more epoxy putty for gap-filling and to hide the resulting seams.


The base is from Secret Weapon Miniatures (cobblestone, but -- where it can't be easily seen -- there's also a small manhole cover, and some nice little fallen leaves).  The terrain board is also from Secret Weapon Miniatures (a "Scrap Yard" theme Tablescapes tile).


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I've finally gotten some work done on a "home" for the merchant caravan.


Behold: SCRAP TOWN!  Originally this started when I dug around through a "bitz box" of spare junk (mostly Warhammer 40K) that I got from a friend who was clearing out his garage in preparation for a house move.  I had this idea that I could make a "scrap gate" of proportions similar to my "Scrap Yard Barricade" pieces from Secret Weapon Miniatures, topped by a sign that I envisioned to be made of mismatched sign letters, with the appearance of being scavenged from a number of different sources.  (Here I'm thinking of the similarly composite signs that appeared in Fallout: New Vegas -- especially the neon sign for the "Prospector Saloon" in Goodsprings.)


Well, I also got a whole mess of GeoTrax toys in a Goodwill find a while back, and one of the pieces looked like a street front facade of several buildings jammed together, much like the TMNT play set I turned into the "Wok-a-Doodle" Chinese Restaurant a while back.  It has something of a "gate" that I could envision as the entrance to a settlement built among the ruins of several tightly-packed buildings in an urban area, and I got the idea to put the settlement name ("SCRAP TOWN") over that.  Then, I started thinking about maybe turning some of the street-front facades into store stalls for a little "travelers' bazaar" area, with the idea that the merchant/trader area is up front, and the more securely-fortified residential and crop-growing areas are deeper into the settlement.  I started delving into some spare bits from incomplete Plasticville kits and a big box of Hirst Arts Castlemolds castings, and it just kind of went out of control from there.


I've even started furnishing (and carpeting and wallpapering) some of the interior building rooms.  (I might use them as backdrops for some figure photos at some future date, once I have some more painted minis ready for "show 'n' tell.")


In the meantime, here's the Scrap Town entrance surrounded by Secret Weapon Miniatures "Urban Streets" Tablescapes tiles, and assorted terrain bits.  A couple of heavily-converted Brother Vinni "Nuclear Sandlot" power-armored soldiers provide security at the front entrance.

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You know what I really miss in the Fallout game series?  Riding horseback.  I mean, it would be AWESOME of the "Giddyup Buttercup" toys found in the Wasteland came in a version that was actually, y'know, rideable.  (Ditto for those "Lone Wanderer" motorcycles.)  Sure, that would make the sandboxy game play world seem that much smaller, but then maybe they could put a bit more "dead space" in between locations so it doesn't feel quite so dense to the point of being claustrophobia-inducing.


Anyway, probably NOT going to happen.  But I can still draw inspiration from such crazy ideas when I kitbash minis, right?  So, here's the latest addition to my expanding merchant caravan crew: a modified Giddyup Buttercup -- I mean, a REALLY HEAVILY modified Giddyup Buttercup -- such that it's capable of actually pulling a wagon.  (Maybe there was a "deluxe" version of the toy that someone found at one of the Wilson Atomatoy ruins, built for promotional purposes, to give a head start.  I dunno.  I'm just making this stuff up.) 


The "Giddyup Buttercup" is a Mage Knight "Steam Horse" mini.  Really, I wish I'd gotten a bunch more of those, but it was always something of a gamble anyway, the way those were, and I only got this one as a result of a lucky find in a "grab bag" deal.  The wagon is a Safari Ltd piece from a "Down on the Farm Toob" set of little plastic toys (with hardly any sense of scale whatsoever in the lot, but this one's close enough to 32mm scale for my purposes).  The Giddyup Buttercup is based on a Secret Weapon Miniatures "Town Square" themed cavalry/bike base.  (I also decorated it with a print-off of one of the in-game posters advertising "Giddyup Buttercup," plus a "bottle" and "jar" that are pieces of sprue from the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare resin expansion sets -- pieces that I think just happen to look like *bottles* and *jars*, so I thought I'd paint them as such, and use them for extra "base clutter.")


IMHO, a mechanical/robo-horse would make a great addition to Chronoscope Bones.  Finally, a mount for John Bishop, Space Marshal!  I wonder what happened to the die molds for the old Mage Knights minis, anyway?  (Do they just destroy them when they go out of production?  :(  )


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About four years after Mage Knight was dropped I started buying up unopened cases of them that people had stocked up on and then needed to unload cheap. I did the math once and I have about 1500 MK figures that I paid about $.30 each for. I still occasionally try to talk my friends into playing, but I'm going to start paring down the excess figures by converting them to ttrpg minis. I know that they bought old molds from other companies to make some of the figures. Maybe their old ones are in storage somewhere?

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On 5/17/2019 at 9:59 PM, Corsair said:

I may have a suggestion for you, Heroclix ran a Bioshock series and it had a mechanical horse in it.


Yes!  And I still feel terrible that I didn't get one or several of them before they became scarce.  It wouldn't really fit for Fallout without some significant conversion, as the "Automated Stallion" has very dated-looking wagon wheels for the back end rather than legs, but I still think they would be perfect for Deadlands, if only I'd replace the electro-whazzit on the back of the horse with something more befitting a steam-powered device. 


Not that my choice of a Mage Knight Steam Horse is really that much closer to a Giddyup Buttercup as depicted in the actual Fallout games.  But I actually think the Automated Stallion looks more appropriate for Deadlands as a steam-powered contraption than the Mage Knight Steam Horse, if only because the Steam Horse somehow looks a little more mecha-like and has less of a feel of really being "old times" in its styling.  I think it could be because of the lack of ornamentation.  I think the Automated Stallion does a much better job of capturing the sort of frilly, gilded ornamentation that would get bolted or painted onto any contraption of note, it seemed, back around the late 19th and very early 20th centuries.








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I thought I had several of the MK steam horses to repaint as super giddyups, but sadly the only one I have is a rare named character that I don't want to scavenge. Oh well, the internet shall surely provide. Thanks for this thread, it's been inspiring for me.

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