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Painting Water Gone Bad?


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This is a new one for me.


I paint out in my sun porch.  I have a large container into which I place water I use specifically for painting.  It is about a half-gallon of tapwater with about two drops of dish washing detergent in the water.  As a mild flow improver.  When the container is about 90% emptied, I refill it as stated.


Yesterday, as the container was about 80% empty,  I noted some whitish, semi-clear, filmy, ethereal, jelly fish thingys sort of floating around in the remaining water.  Never seen such before.  Considered whether I had created life.  So I put on a hazmat suit, emptied the container, washed it out a couple of times, and refilled it. 


Anybody else experience anything similar?  Any idea why?

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Mostly empty, goop, and it wasn't enough time for evaporation? Yeah, something drank it. 


Clean it out thoroughly. For that matter, clean it thoroughly when you need more water. Don't just refill it. Also wouldn't put soap in the water. Seems like a good way to damage paint adhesiveness. It also won't prevent stuff like molds and grossness from forming on water if you leave it there a long time; I know from having soapy dishes in a sink for too long and they still can get yucky. I avoid that now. 



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If they were line shaped they could be freshly hatched mosquito larvae. Most online pictures show larger "about to fly" or enlarged images of them. I used to collect them to feed finicky aquarium fish. There are a whole assortment of little creatures it could be, but if they were alive, all I know much about are daphnia (water fleas) and mosquito larvae. Live yummy fish treats are kinda cool. 

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