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CAV Secret Santa 2018


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The following communication was intercepted at 1003UTC (Earth local) between an unidentified unit and a covert relay satellite.


"Malvernis Command, this is Snickerdoodle 18. We have touchdown in target region. Over."


"Snickerdoodle, Command. Acknowledging touchdown in target region. Rendezvous with local guide Uniform Sierra Papa Sierra and proceed to destination building. Command out."

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Cool ships and mechs everyone!  I cannot believe it's already Wednesday!  The last 2 weeks give new meaning to The word hectic. 


However,  i did find some time to paint:  the mini is finished and the base is finished so I can ship it out tomorrow and it should still get there by Christmas.  Sorry about the lateness but ever year it seems work gets more demanding.

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Ok, I've updated the Secret Santa status board and reached out to everyone whose gift looks like it will be late. Check you PMs if you haven't received a gift yet.
If I haven't contacted you warning that your gift is late then you should receive your shiny SS CAV any day now.
We have a few of the participants who have gone silent... I'm going to give them until Christmas to respond. After that, I'm going to ask for volunteers to paint a second SS gift.
Thanks to everyone for your time, energy, and patience!
"Do you see what I see
A plasma flame burning in the night
Do you see what I see
A Dropship, Dropship
Soaring cross the sky
Painted in Templar colors!"
Merry Christmas!!
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