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Impact! Miniatures Presents: The Lost KS Mini Project

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7 hours ago, redambrosia said:

No, thank YOU, Tom! You're a fantastic mini producer ::):


Thanks @redambrosia  ...  the 4 bottle babies we are fostering (Mallow, Nouget, JuJu and MoJo) wanted to say hi and thank you as well.  And Jenessa (a foster not on bottle but loves their heated blankets) photobombed.


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Impact has another one coming, for Chibi Sisters of Battle.


Duncan and Chris both keep going on about 40K, so I almost want to get these, just to annoy them :;,;::bday:

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According to a post in the comments section, the first 15 packages went out yesterday. 

A few minis are still being finetuned for proper printing, though.

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Haven’t received mine yet. Comments state that he should have up to #40 sent out this week. I am #50. The creator is putting backer numbers in the comments when he ships out but the last one was 2 weeks ago. 

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There have been quite a few companies that have come and gone since this KS. I'm talking companies that did a KS, came out with the minis, delivered the minis and then disappeared. Maybe there's a market to bring those back for Lost Minis 2.

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1 hour ago, Knight of the Dinner Table said:

Got a shipping notice.


And yes, Tom from Impact already is planning the next "Lost mini" Kickstarter (hopefully it will run a bit smoother - i.e. no printers breaking down).


Hopefully I'll finally be able to get some of the miniatures from Drake & Drake 2 in the next Lost Minis project.

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36 minutes ago, Knight of the Dinner Table said:

That would be very nice indeed.


I'm referring less to the dragons and more to the character models that I actually spent about $35 on across the two campaigns :p. Glad I didn't go in heavy on that one or I could have ended up being really bitter about it.

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Something that looks suspiciously like my pledge reward from this KS arrived today...   




Not certain if the quality is at the level we should be expecting. 


I need to find my camera... 

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Alright, well mine finally arrived this morning. I had to wait because my order included some of the Torn Armour miniatures. Unfortunately someone who will remain nameless picked up the parcel from the front doorstep and rammed it in the general direction of me hand immediately letting go as soon as they smashed it up against the tip of my thumb without checking if I had a grip on it or not. So the box fell, clipped the tips of my outstretched fingers and toppled to the floor.


Surprisingly nothing seems to be broken. I see a few bent spears and one or two very thin swords (one of which is a very bent thin sword that's practically curling). A good deal of that is due to the sculpts 'though so we'll see how they straighten out. These are 3d printed so the curving isn't brought on be removing from a mould - at least, as far as I can tell. So they might not be capable of straightening. Still everything's in good shape (even if I do have a mystery empty helmet without a head).


Most importantly that's the Torn Armour weight off my mind.


[Edit]The helmet goes on the ground with the ballista crew. It was just bagged with the wrong figure.[/Edit]

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      So I got a newsletter with super early (2020) kickstarter tease (image behind the spoiler).
    • By SamuraiJack
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