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The Lost Dragons: 3D Printable Fantasy Dragons

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They aren't a myth. I've felt the bitter ice and the melting flames. 

The Lost Dragons have returned.


The Lost Dragons is a collection of premium 3D model dragons designed for tabletop role playing games and war games.  

These are 3D models that are being designed with 3D printing in mind!  Each pledge is delivered as an STL pack for your home 3D printer. 

Our goal is to make models that are fun to 3D print, tell a story on their own, and will ultimately make your players jaws drop when you put them down on the table. 


To do this, we’re working with professional sculptors to make high-resolution, high-detail dragon models that either a) don’t exist, or b) have very limited options in the market right now. 

We've already commissioned a core collection of 6 dragons, but are kickstarting funding to make several more backer-selected dragons as well and to be able to make more niche 3D-printable model collections in the future.  

And while the theme of THIS Kickstarter is unique dragons, this campaign is just the start: Our stretch goals already include funding for our next Kickstarter, so we can continue contributing to the community by adding greater variety of high-quality miniature sculpts that the community would like more of. 


The Molten Mother, Magma Dragon

Molten Mother (Magma Dragon) Molten Mother (Magma Dragon)
Molten Mother (Magma Dragon) Test Print in PLA (0.12mm Layer Height) Molten Mother (Magma Dragon) Test Print in PLA (0.12mm Layer Height)

The Father of Frost, Ice Dragon

Father of Frost Resin Test Print Father of Frost Resin Test Print
Father of Frost PLA Test Print Father of Frost PLA Test Print
Father of Frost Printed & Painted by Dillon Olney (Critical Crafting) Father of Frost Printed & Painted by Dillon Olney (Critical Crafting)

The Fire Twin - Supportless Model (by Lovecraft Design)

The Fire Twin Render (Modeled by Lovecraft Design) The Fire Twin Render (Modeled by Lovecraft Design)
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Just shy of $32k already.  I like the idea, and the price seems reasonable.  Just not sure I'm thrilled with the models themselves.  Actually planning to purchase my first 3d printer next week.  Does anyone have a recommendation?  I'm leaning toward the Anycubic i3 Mega.

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1 hour ago, Dan d'Lyon said:

Just shy of $32k already.  I like the idea, and the price seems reasonable.  Just not sure I'm thrilled with the models themselves.  Actually planning to purchase my first 3d printer next week.  Does anyone have a recommendation?  I'm leaning toward the Anycubic i3 Mega.

I've heard good things about that printer,  as it is an i3 clone you shouldn't have much trouble. I wouldn't recommend the anet printers from experience, which printer depends a lot on how much fiddling you want to do to get a good print

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Hey guys, 


This Kickstarter is being ran by Danny over at 3DPrintedTableTop. The idea is basically to provide people with fully tested, print yourself dragon model files for D&D. He funded in the first day and then met all of his stretch goals in the second. I actually got to sculpt on this one and there's different styles of sculpt, depending on what you like:



If you're into 3D Printing, head on over. All of the models have been test printed on both PLA and SLR printers.

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3 minutes ago, GreenBeams said:

ah - i'm sorry, i didn't see it. Thank you, WhiteWulfe =)

No worries at all, they all seem to blend together at times ^_^

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7 minutes ago, Darsc Zacal said:

Merged the threads.

Cause that’s what I do.

Thanks Darsc Zacal!  I would have pinged, but for some reason I thought you were in the same timezone at Gadgetman o_O


Rumour has it you also paint!

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16 hours ago, JoeGKushner said:

For those who are backing here, what printer do you have and are currently using? It's tempting for sure.


I just recently picked up a Creality Ender 3. I will be starting the build process today for it!! Reviews are quite positive for this $200 or so printer. Tom Tullis of Fat Dragon Games recommends it (one reason why it got me looking at it).

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I ended up getting the Anycubic i3 Mega.  Loving it so far, and assembly was minimal.  But thinking about switching to a different slicing software.  Cura is what I'm using currently.

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