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Al Capwn

CMON Zombicide: Black Plague

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October 6th (Clovis)


So this is what happens when you completely slack off and play Rimworld for hours on end, totally forgetting you had painting projects! It is already the 10th of October! Yikes!


With Nelly winding down in terms of small details (touched up the sleeves and footwear) it was time to get down to the last of the heroes, Clovis. Here is where I started, with a bit of zenithal priming and the face pretty much roughed in.





(Sorry a little blurry here)


I spent the late afternoon painting over at a friend's house to get the bulk of the initial color coats done, and a while later this is where we are at...





So for the metallics, I ended up using my friend's Army Painter paints. Overall, I can honestly say they aren't bad. I still prefer Vallejo Metal Color, but overall the coverage was pretty solid and not too grainy/sparkly. I also used some Vallejo Armor Wash for some subtle shading, which is a Payne's Grey color - a blue-gray which for this application, I really liked a lot.


I tried doing the belts in a black leather, but it just isn't working out for me. It blends in too much with the armor and thus everything looks like a shade of either silver or black, without a lot of changes in color. I will be addressing this by changing the color to something else to stand out. The cloak was mainly thin glazes over the zenithal, which retained some of the values, but I think I lost some of the contrast. I will likely need to come back and push the highlights some more to give a more dynamic look, but overall I am pretty happy with it. Initially it was way too purple, so I applied Reaper Clear Red over top a bunch of times to push the color more towards the burgundy of the artwork.


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Oct 20th - Clovis


Today was making a few changes and refining some details. Like I mentioned in my previous post, the "black leather" was just not enough contrast from the silver of the armor. So I decided to take it into a more "traditional" leather color. I used Vallejo Cavalry Brown, which is a Red-Brown, and added Vallejo Orange Brown into the mix. Then I added increasing amounts of Reaper Golden Highlight and Linen White to push up the contrast. Finally, I added a spot wash of Citadel Agrax Earthshade into the recesses.


I also added highlights to the hair. Brice Cocanour mentioned looking at "anime style hair" as an reference for highlighting mini hair. There is usually a bright highlight in a ring around the hair, that pushes into brightest highlight. Liz Beckley has a short tutorial that mimics the concept as well. I used Orange Brown as the base color for the hair, and used Golden Highlight and Linen white. I kept alternating with a thin glazes of Orange-Brown over Golden Highlight/Linen, gradually building up the highlighted area. I did this about 2-3 times, but the more layers you do, the more contrast and refined the transitions are. 


You may also notice that I used these colors for the belt highlight as well; something I was told is that if you use the same colors in the mini, it helps tie things together and keep colors from being too random. I don't know how much truth there is to it, I am not a color scientist, but it looks good to me. Still quite a bit left to do, including working on the sleeves of his shirt, refining his cloak, shading the "ropes", and refining the sword sword attached to his belt.







Pesky mold line! *shakes fist*


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Clovis (Oct 26)


Yesterday the name of the game was tackling some details and tidying up a bit.


First order of business was his white sleeves of his undershirt. I used Vallejo German Black-Brown to shade, and then worked in increasing amounts of Reaper Linen White, pushing up the contrast more and more.


For some areas of his cloak, I added a bit of Daler-Rowney White Ink and glazed over a bit of Reaper Violet Red over top, just to push the highlights a little further on the edges and folds of some of the cloak.


I found a few more leather straps around the model, notably on his boots, short sword, and at the top of his greaves.


Various metal bits received some more highlight love with Vallejo Air Steel: the rivets in the padding that covers his legs, the very tips of some of the armor sections along the front leg, various belt buckles, the bottom-left edge of the sword sheath, a tiny bit on the short sword in the front, and the armor rivets on the leather armor of his chest.


For the hilt, I used a bit of Vallejo Game Air Glorious/Polished Gold to add some subtle highlights.


Finally, I went ahead and blocked in the base coat of color for the base.






Now, I don't know about others, but sometimes I find that I have no clue "what things are" on a model until after I have taken pictures, or looked at other reference pictures. Usually that is when the mental click goes, "Oh, so THAT is what that piece is!" and I have to go back and tidy that section up to make it look like what it is supposed to be. A good example of this is that glaring square steel block in the front. It is supposed to be another leather buckle; whoops, something I missed this go around.

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December 2nd (The Necromancer)


Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated! I have too many hobbies, and between that and the holidays, I have been away from the painting desk. I finally picked up a brush again and after touching up the belt buckle on Clovis, I figured I would keep moving along so that these minis actually get painted before Zombicide: Invader comes along sometime in Feb-March.


The usual zenithal priming setup, but this time I added a bit of black wash and re-applied the white highlights on top. This was to add a bit more depth into the recesses and areas to quickly black-line to get an idea of where the outlines should be.








I started working on the mini using layers of Reaper Twilight Purple for the robe, introducing a little Vallejo Black into the mix for the deeper shadows. I then airbrushed some Vallejo Mecha White back over top, and repeated this purple glaze over white routine a bit to boost contrast and add highlights. Beard is done with Vallejo German Black-Brown. The eyebrows on this guy are pretty huge, but I still overshot them a bit and need to come in with some magnification and clean up. Skintones were done with the Scale75 skintones set, using Indian Shadow, Basic, Pink and Light skin tones. The skulls were coated with GW Screaming Skull, which contains a fair bit of Gray in the mix - if you mix Vallejo German Black-Brown, instead of pushing more towards Brown, it starts turning more Gray. This has been my first "gee that is weird" interaction with color mixing. It still works out, just not what was expected. Ribbon/sash is base coated with my perennial favorite, Vallejo Cavalry Brown, which will be worked up to a bright red in the next steps. The first phase of the handwraps were given a light coat of Reaper Linen White and given a light coat of GW Agrax Earthshade, as were the skulls in hand and staff.


So with all of that, here is phase one of the necromancer. Still a lot of work to do, but getting a rough idea of how it is coming along.









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May 14th


Alright boys and girls, bust out your 90s Jock Jams CDs, because it is the Return of the Mack...


Work has resumed on the necromancer, this time around working on blending some brighter highlights for his bald dome with Scale75 Golden Skin and Pale Skin, as well as working in some flesh tones on his sunken chest and leg. I touched up his eyes with Linen White, and trimmed his giant bushy eyebrow back down to a manageable size. I took the time to use Reaper Red Liner and started black lining some sections; notably his chest area, leg, and around his hands on the staff. This will be cleaned up and refined a bit later, but this is to add a bit more separation. Shout-out to many of the instructors last year on that super helpful tip that I often skipped, or just left to washes exclusively...


His horn thing...not sure what is is really, was done a while back, and contains a bit of Vallejo Black and I believe Deep Sea Blue? A very deep and saturated aquamarine color; similar to the Reaper Liners.


I pushed the contrast up a bit on the red ribbon by highlighting the edges with Reaper Golden Highlight, then glazing over with Reaper Clear Red. I will likely do a couple rounds of this to get the red to a deeper saturation, as it doesn't show up very well on camera. The chain was basecoated with Reaper Retro Slate (desaturated blue-grey) and then given a coat with Vallejo Model Air Steel.




...and here is a shot from behind



...and just so y'all don't think I haven't been busy, I have been hard at work 3D printing and painting a bunch of stuff for a friend's copy of Gloomhaven. So far I have printed out currency, traps, pillars and treasure chests...


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May 16th


A little more progress, blocking in some colors and adding some of the rough highlights in some areas. I went ahead and touched up the staff twine wraps with Reaper Linen White, as well as on the twine on the bottle. The staff was basecoated with Vallejo German Brown-Black and highlighted a bit with Orange Brown. I will have to come back and refine the transitions a bit later.


I base coated his armor and chain with Reaper Retro Slate, then applied Vallejo Model Air Steel, then apply a couple of washes of GW Nuln Oil to start the shading process. I came back and highlighted the edges of the armor with Steel again to bring out some of the vibrancy.


For the leather bits, I wanted to mix it up a bit from the usual formula and really did some experimentation here. It is a mix of Vallejo Leather Brown, Olive Grey and Reaper (Lantern?) Yellow. I wanted something a little more...sickly? So the greens and yellows I feel lend to that. I think it helps separate it from the flesh tones as well, because of the green/red contrast vs. the normal red leather base I use? Maybe? Not a color theory master. I then applied a light wash of Agrax Earthshade to tint it back down to a brown tone and add a little more depth.


The bottle is a mix of Vallejo Blue Green and Periscopes, which is a deep aquamarine.



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May 17th


Another entry into the worklog, and I know eventually folks are going to get tired of seeing this dude. Thankfully we are on the home stretch, with only a few more details and a little more refinement to go before I am going to call him tabletop worthy.


I applied a light application of GW's Reikland Fleshshade to his chest region, then added more Reaper Candlelight Yellow to his leather chest suspender thing to push up the contrast a bit. I added Vallejo Glorious and Polished gold to the accents. I cleaned up his Texas-sized belt buckle with Vallejo Silver and a light Nuln Oil Gloss wash. The second bottle was given a coat of Reaper Dungeon Slime, working in Retro Emerald and Turf Green into the mix to add a deeper green into the mix. It probably is still a little light since the twine wrapping doesn't stand out (that whole contrast thing) so I might need some Green Liner or something to add more separation between the colors.


His arm wraps I tidied up, basing with Reaper Desert Stone and adding more Linen White, followed by a wash of GW Agrax Earthshade and finally layering up more Linen White.



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May 19th


Alright, wrapping up the final details and calling it a day for this guy. The only real step left is the flagstone pattern for the base, but that is easy enough that I will skip the WIP pics for that.


I glazed over the staff with Vallejo German Black Brown to tone down the transition bit, base coated the skull...flag...thing with Vallejo Cavalry Brown, then added did the same highlighting as the sash with Reaper Golden Highlight, followed by glazes of Reaper Clear Red. Finally, added a wash of GW Agrax Earthshade and a bit more Reaper Clear Red to unify the colors.

  • The neck-horn-things got a glaze of Vallejo Deep Sea Blue to soft down the spot highlight and darken the recess a bit.
  • Cleaned up the skin tones of the hands with Scale 75's African Shadow mixed with Pale Skin, then added some GW Reikland Fleshshade.
  • Basecoated his dagger with Vallejo Leather Brown, then added Reaper Candelight Yellow to add that same sickly leather look. The crossguard was Vallejo Model Air Steel, and Glorious Gold for the pommel and sheath.
  • Belt cord was Reaper Linen White + GW Agrax Earthshade + highlight with Linen White again.
  • Belt buckle was gemified with Vallejo Model Air Steel, GW Nuln Oil Gloss, + GW Technical Spiritstone Red
  • Beard was Vallejo German Black Brown, highlighted with Reaper Desert Stone (I think).
  • Beard wrap was Linen White + Agrax Earthshade (seeing a pattern yet?)
  • Eyes were dotted in with Scale75 African Shadow; it was an accident but it gave him these deep reddish-brown pupils, which I thought was perfect. I will see about getting a better picture for the Show Off page for when I am done...sometime around 2021 at my painting speed...





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    • By Xiwo Xerase
      BattleTech is one of my long time loves for games and it's what got me into the miniature hobby.  I have actually been avoiding painting my BattleTech minis for a while so I'm hoping this will give me some amount of momentum.
      The four miniatures featured in this WIP thread are, from left to right:
      Catalyst Game Labs Cyclops, plastic, from the Fire Lance Pack. Iron Wind Metals 20-200, Griffin GRF-6S, metal (standing in for a Griffin GRF-3M). Iron Wind Metals 20-211, Archer ARC-8M, metal (standing in for an Archer ARC-2R). Catalyst Game Labs Catapult, plastic, from the Fire Lance Pack.  

      These make up the Fire Lance of the Marik Militia company I have painting off-and-on (mostly off).  The colors of the Marik Militia are purple, with blue highlights on one side and red highlights on another.  Here's an example I've already painted:

      The metal minis have been based using Iron Wind Metals hex bases.  The plastic minis have been removed from their integral plastic bases and based on Proxie Models plastic hex bases.  All of the minis have been glued via glue gun onto little holders I made from spare parts (PVC pipe, a wooden dowel, and washers).  These are mounted via magnets on my normal painting holders (plastic tubes with a squared base).  The point of the holders is for easy removal from the holders for photography.  (This was actually my first time using a glue gun so if some of the minis look crooked compared to the base, that's why.)
      The minis have been primed white using Reaper Brush-On Primer and then painted with a mix of Brown Liner, Brush-On Sealer, and water to show details.  (All of them but the Archer were painted using a 1:2 mix of Brown Liner and Brush-On Sealer.  The Archer was painted using a 1:1:1 mix of Brown Liner, Brush-On Sealer, and water.)  The bases have been covered (or filled) with paver sand glued down with superglue.  (I'm pretty sure I picked this up from @Weird-O.)
      Here's an obligatory picture with Sir Forscale:

      I've included pictures of the minis in spoilers:
      I'm going to point some of the obvious mistakes to get those out of the way:
      There are some mold lines that didn't get filed down. There is some detail that should probably have been enhanced (for example, filing down more on the Griffin's missile pod and recreating that detail, or drilling some of the missile launcher holes deeper). Some detail in the Archer's missile launchers has been obscured by CA glue and will need to be recreated with paint.  (Gluing on the missile launcher doors was painful.) When the Catapult was removed from its integral base, it's outside toes were mangled. Neither of the metal minis are pinned.  This is a pretty big mistake and will be painful if either of then fall.  
      Some of these mistakes won't be addressed.  I'm going to live with that.
      So let's talk painting.  The guiding principle, beyond the Marik Militia parade scheme is "rule of cool".   It doesn't make sense for weapon barrels and joints to be metallic but it looks cool.  The planned colors are:
      Primary purple: Amethyst Purple Blue accents: Cyan Blue Red accents: Phoenix Red Weapon barrels: Honed Steel, enhanced with the Bones metallics Joints: Tarnished Steel, enhanced with the Bones metallics Hands and other rubbers: Stone Grey Base sand: Yellowed Ivory Base rim: Gem Purple  
      I'm still trying to decide the cockpit glass color.  On the other Marik Militia minis I've painted (like the Black Knight above), I've just used Adamantium Black.
      (An aside about base rims: When I paint BattleTech minis associated with a particular fashion, I paint the rim of the base a color based on the faction.  Since the Marik Militia are part of the Free Worlds League Military (except for when the League doesn't exist), the base color is purple.  I have a spreadsheet of faction colors I made some time ago, before the Bones paints came out.  It uses some HD paints that aren't going to be rereleased, so I'll need to revisit that.)
      The challenge here is to paint all four minis to tabletop, in a timely manner, and without drybrushing (except the base sand, which will be drybrushed).  Let's see if I can finish this by, say, the end of July.
    • By Mutilatedlips
      I don't play the game but some of the special guest minis are really cool looking. A friend bought the set to get another character and was just going to toss this one, no interest in it. I thought it looked neat and may fit right into another friends Asian campaign. Saved a mini from taking up space in the local landfill and have a nice gift being sent off to a buddy of mine soon. 






    • By ThirstyBob
      Commissioned: Oni of Hate, from Rising Sun.


      Could have made the flames a little more contrasty for sure. More lighter yellows and whites. It was taking too long though, needed to wrap it up. Any c&c appreciated.
    • By Arimaythea
      My husband and I are about to join a campaign to play through the Curse of Strahd adventure for 5e.  My husband is playing as a half-orc sorcerer and I am a human fighter.  We decided to go with 03879: Gon'Tarr Orc Shaman and 14604: Joeliyn Sister of the Blade as our respective PC minis.  They will be the third and fourth minis I have ever painted, the other two being from one of the Learn to Paint kits.
      My mini hasn't arrived yet but my husband's has so I've made a little progress on him.  I cleaned him up, glued to a square base, used some green stuff to smooth out his integrated base, primed him, and put some of the base coat colors down.  I've used all Reaper paints so far - their white primer along with Leather Brown for the leather bits, Harvest Brown for the wood, and a hobbled together mix of Camouflage Green, Military Green, and Warrior Flesh for the skin. 


      I plan on doing a base coat of all the colors first to make sure we are both happy with the choices before moving onto washes and highlighting.  My shipment with my mini along with some bone colored paints that I need for Gon'Tarr's skull accessories should be here tomorrow!
    • By Rahz
      Let's see if I can finish one of these for a change...  Of course I neglected to take good pictures of the early steps... 
      Mossbeard assembled, "primed" with Sepia Liner, which after a year was kinda gloopy...  Thinned with a little airbrush thinner, it went on fine though and gave really good coverage and gave the figure a nice brown on top of the grey bones.  The green then got an overbrush with Jungle Mist and then a wash of Vallejo green wash.  The brown got a wash of Vallejo dark Grey Wash and some spots with Vallejo Rush Wash.  I've since started with a over/dry-brush of Wolf Grey over the wood.  Torso, head and one arm done.  He's a big one! 

      Thanks for looking. 
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