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02756, Familiar Pack IV Imp

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No! No, don't do it!  These bargains always turn out badly!


But the imp looks great!  He has an especially sly expression, and I love his wings.

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I have become increasingly fond of the Familiars over the past few years. You did a FANTASTIC piece of brushwork on the tiny little Fellow. Your color selection & eye for details are OUTSTANDINGVERY WELL DONE!

I think this may be my favorite of your LOVELY creations.

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Thanks for your comments, I really appreciate it. I've been posting daily since a month and I had a very good time reading your feedbacks. I'll be away for a while, working on bigger projects. Some of you may have seen my Viridius Wip, which is the main project. I also plan to paint a giant for Reaper's Facebook contest and I'm working on a small tutorial on using ink to speed up painting tabletop models.


That's not all, this week I received twenty Cat Critters from Dark Sword Miniatures. These guys are awesome, they were kind enough to include two give away models in the order. As you can imagine, it will take me some time to paint all these models. I think my end of year will be quite busy. I plan to display all the Cat Critters on a diorama display base. Since there is a King Richard the Lion in the batch, I thought of a throne room to display them. It will have to be a large diorama, wait a throne room... I'm crazy. On this, farewell my friends, we talk soon.

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He is a SPLENDID looking Little Devil with a WONDERFULLY evil grin, BEAUTIFULLY painted & based. Your colors, especially the skin shades, are LOVELYVERY WELL DONE!

I have developed over the years a real fondness for the Familiar miniatures. This one is a favorite.

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