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Does anyone have a hue map of off-whites and off-blacks?


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Off the top of my head

Maggot white - blue/green 

Linen white - brown

Any of the bone colors are going to lean towards brown. I think moldy bone has some green in it

Nightmare black - blue

Adamantium black - brown metalic

Noir black - brown


Blacks are fairly easy to figure out just thin them a whole bunch and paint on a paper towel. 

Whites are harder but if they have been sitting for a while sometimes you'll notice color in the seperation

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I'd argue that Linen White leans yellow, not brown. 


Nightshade Purple is more black than it is purple. It is a very dark and very desaturated purple. Very useful. 


Walnut Brown is also more black than it is brown. Again, very useful. 


Coal Black is blue-green tinted black. The tint doesn't come out in solid coats, but does in blends or in thinning. 


Ghost White is blue tinted. 


Leather White is very faintly gray. 


Peppermint White is slightly satiny and faintly pearlescent. Sparkling Snow is like this too but a wee bit more gray (not much). 

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