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Custom Hotwheels Datsun Fairlady 2000 Roadster


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So I'm branching out from typical miniatures and trying something new. My son has really been into Hotwheels lately, and it turns out that there's an entire Hotwheels Customization culture out there much like the minis we like to paint. I put two and two together and figured why not try it out? So, here's the WIP (some of it at least) of the Fairlady 2000 I'm currently working on. Besides, if it ends up horribly, Hotwheels are only .94 cents at Wally World ::D:


Unfortunately, I got the bright idea to WIP after I was pretty much done painting as much as I'm going to on the first go-round. However, here's the comparison between the Yellow "stock" Datsun and the Orangy one I've painted.











Also, the various components of the build that I've worked on.




Finally, the installing of new axles and Red Rider wheels found on the more "premium" versions of Hotwheels. I may use the donor truck as a future "distressed" diorama if I feel froggy enough. The floorboard is also painted a metal shade as you can kind of see it in the interior if you bother to try to see it. I just finished gluing the axles and wheels in about five minutes ago, so it'll have to sit for a bit to dry. If all goes well, I'll have completed my first custom Hotwheel. I'll be able to zoom across the table in a one of a kind upgrade. WHHHEEEEEEEEE!!!! 




I'll post final pics after everything's dry and fitted. Thank you for checking it out!





P.S.: Thos pics are tiny! I'll post larger ones in the Show Off when it's done. I apologize for the oversight :down:

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39 minutes ago, Jasper_the_2nd said:



And here I thought this was going to be a Gaslands conversion :upside:


Well... that may be in the near future! I think a Gaslands conv. would be a lot less to deal with! LOL! We have the Gaslands rules, but haven't played it yet.


38 minutes ago, Mad Jack said:


 Very nice. Makes me want to find a tiny little Aston Martin and do up a 007 version of it with guns and stuff.




That would be fun to see! LEGO has released a version that looks pretty sweet, but you can purchase a ton of minis, supplies, and even more Hotwheels for the price!

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