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Welcome to the Workshop! (Picture Intense)

Al Capwn

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So my hobby space was getting cluttered; I had multiple sizes of paint/hobby bottles. Now, I could buy a pre-made organizer, but what would be the fun in that! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls - lets step into the workshop and remedy this issue...


Step One: Come up with the battle plan.

This space here needs to be hold an organizer. As you can see, I have larger bottles (Vallejo specials/Daler Rowney Inks), Tamiya Clears, GW pots, and the standard dropper bottle fair.




Step Two: Find some scrap material to work with.

I grabbed a piece of 3/4" Oak plywood I had lying around and took some measurements to see if it was a good candidate.




Step Three: Get to work!

I tossed in on my cross-cut sled on the tablesaw, marked the line (and always mark your waste/outside cut line to prevent confusion) and cut it down to size.




This humble 2x4 will serve as the sides and shelf frames for the storage unit...



I take it to the jointer to get a flat face and edge and we clean up the other side on the planer and the tablesaw.



Then to the bandsaw to resaw the board. Resawing is cutting a board's thickness in half.



Ta-da! Two halves ready to be used!



Here are a few bottles to take as a means of reference to measure the shelf sizes needed.



Getting a general idea of the shelf layout.



Gluing up and tacking the shelves in place, adding in the trim to the front of the shelves to match the sides...



All glued up and ready for sanding and a final seal coat!



Sanded and a couple coats of Danish Oil later we have our hobby organizer!



Have you constructed something for your hobby battlestations or otherwise? Foam? 3D printed? Welded? Any other DIY'er that have taken the plunge into focusing that into their painting hobby? Super-sized something from IKEA? Let me know!

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The only thing like this that I've done is some simple shelves for games and minis. Some were made of 1" x 12" pine and some just cheap plywood. In my current house I did 8' x 13" x 6' high plywood shelves for all my collection. Pretty crude but got the job done. Getting scarily close to filling up and I haven't migrated everything from my old house yet.


I have a paint rack similar to this.

Image result for mdf paint rack

and it came with extra pieces. I've already filled it up and need more and I'm considering using the extra pieces and making more out of some 3mm mdf sheets I have. Just not sure I can make a decent job of it with the tools at hand.

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