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Warduke (finished, and pic heavy)


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Strong work.  I appreciated reading your WIP thread, seeing the finished figure in person, and talking with you about it.  Thanks again.

So, next year... Melf, Hawkler, or Kelek? ::D:



I share your appreciation for Warduke... more than I let on.

A not-to-be-named artist sculpted this version more than 10 years ago, following the (wrong-handed) Wayne Reynolds art. 

It was never mass-produced, but I managed to get 2 of the few metal copies and paint them; they both belong to other collectors. 

I painted the first one with Reaper ProPaints, and this one with Reaper's then-new Master Series Paints:





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Thank you very much for talking with me about him, as well as giving me the feedback on how to get better.


15 hours ago, dks said:

So, next year... Melf, Hawkler, or Kelek?

Hmmm...interesting idea, I hadn't considered doing another one; I'll need to think on it.

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On 9/23/2018 at 10:43 AM, malefactus said:

That is one EVIL looking Dude; I don't imagine Fair Maiden rescuing appears on his job resume. The conversion & brushwork are VERY WELL DONE!

It's on there. He just defines rescuing differently. He rescues them from boring heroes so they can hang out with awesome evil fighters like him. Some might consider that a bit of an embellishment. Then again he is evil, and resumes are all about using the right wording for the job offer. I mean, I'd hire him.


Well done on this guy.

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