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The Edge: Dawnfall v1.6


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The Edge: Dawnfall is new miniature Board Game by Awaken Realms for 1-4 players. It was created by Michał Oracz (man behind 13 years of Neuroshima Hex and recent hit Cry Havoc) and it brings next level of competitive gameplay to the table. Fresh, exciting, pure and rewarding.

It’s a living organism with a very passionate community. It’s thousands of hours of development, hundreds of unique art pieces, over hundreds of pages of rich and unique campaigns, 7 extremely asymmetric and unique factions and finally and most importantly a fast, dynamic and very exciting skirmish game with tons of cinematic skills and turn the tide moments.


This is a second Edge the Boadgame Kicstarter, a reprint of our naive 2016 kickstarter promise of an unreasonably high amount of content that not only we still managed to reach, but even overdeliver. It’s our biggest and most ambitious project yet, it’s our favorite child, our blood tears and sweat. It’s a Beast!

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12 hours ago, SamuraiJack said:

I'll let you know if the ever get around to shipping my resin ones from the first KS.. the original KS has been a cluster.. they've done a lot better on the other ones they have run since then.. 

I hope you get yours soon! I had actually completely forgotten about my resin terrain until it arrived.


41 minutes ago, Gangfight said:

So, is this just a reprint of the game from the previous campaign? Doesn't look like there's anything new unless I missed it

It is my understanding that it is just a reprint of the game because the only way they could afford to produce more copies was to run another kickstarter. However, there are tidbits here and there suggesting that there will be some new content in stretch goals and I have seen that they may offer the pieces that were resin-only previously in plastic to bring the cost down.


They are well aware that they drastically over-promised on the previous campaign and very much struggled to get it done but I think in the end, delays and not anywhere near as responsive as they should be customer support aside, they did get it done. I know a lot of people were worried for quite a while that the campaign wasn't going to deliver at all, but I think they put out a really beautiful quality product that I was super happy with and mind you, I'm just talking about the miniatures because I don't play the games but I've heard that the game itself is supposed to be fantastic. If the budget allows it, I wouldn't be concerned about pledging for a few of the things that I couldn't afford in the previous campaign.

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Just now, SamuraiJack said:


Apparently my stuff got to the US on 9/17.. which was something neither my order page nor the support desk seems to know

Maybe yours got caught up in customs? Mine was just a small box with just terrain, did you have more stuff? They labeled the customs form something to the effect of "lost resin minis" which seemed like a peculiar phrase to me to put on a customs form.

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I'm not sure why I went all-in on this - I also went all in on dark horizon - but I did.  (I blame my wife's passing.  My Mom wasn't kidding when she told me to hold off on any major financial decisions.)


I've got a Fedex tracking number, and a box I could probably store my 8 year old daughter in will arrive on Monday, it seems.  (The box that Dark Horizon came in did hold my daughter.  I have pictures.)



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