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Happy Birthday fishnjeeps

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Happiest Birthday Wishes !!!

Hope the day is joy filled, and maybe some miniatures thrown into it for good measure.



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Thank you all for the birthday wishes. It has been a bittersweet day for sure. I've spent the day with my new son, but he has to remain at the hospital in the NICU as he has yet to pee on his own. He should come home tommorrow as long as he can pee. He has a catheter right now. 


On the upside, he is otherwise doing great. He lost a few points in piloting but he will regain them soon enough. (We joked he was piloting a mech while he was in the womb and momma was the mech lol)


I appreciate all of the birthday wishes. I will be posting soon new minis once my new mini get out of the NICU.

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