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Reaper of Oz

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So I looked at the new greens, and I got inspired by the Lion Warrior. Take him, combine him with Gauntfield the Scarecrow, The Iron Golem, and the little dog from familiar pack IV. Since you've got the familiar pack, scuplt some wings on the monkey, add Selmaina, Witch, and you've got a pretty good Reaperverse Wizard of Oz diorama. What do you think? Also, I don't know who to use for Dorothy. I think that Sandy's Halfling wizard (Dingo?) makes a passable Wizard of oz....Anything else?



**In the interest of truth and Fairness, The Bachelor came up with the idea, and he and I will do this together.....**

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Can I take that to mean, "Your in", Turtle?

I think the halfling wizard is a good choice, as the other Wizards look to. . . I don't know, "powerful" maybe?

How about Wench with Tray (obliviously, the tray arm would have to go) for

Dorothy? Or the Strumpet from Townsfolk 3(the leggy one)?

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She's still "green" but I would throw a vote in for the human scribe:



Or Hyrekia (sp?)


Or even Lorrain (the elven archer)


There is a young look to them, but (excluding the scribe here) a certain darkness that would go well with the slightly twisted theme I'm seeing develop here. the scribe just has a great "lost" feel while still being a gorgeous piece.

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Scribe is durn close to perfect, but One Problem . . . Scribe is not available yet.


Then again, neither is the LLion Warrior....so maybe we can do the others while we wait.


I'll get started tonight and send pics when I have them.

Do you guys want to see "in progress" pics?

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