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Skaven Warlord (of the Unrelenting Tide)


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Good work on him! You got the rust and grime about right, and he looks suitably impressive.


Check out the 'shutterbug' area for some tips and tricks on getting good pics.  The first ones are better (except for the stuff in the background), IMO.

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17 hours ago, Rigel said:

Now that's a fearsome war criminal of a rodent! Love the blood-rusted glaive and the Black Flame. 


Many thanks!  With that flame I had originally tried for some sort of bluish green flame, but it being more black with bluish hints provided a much better look in the end ^_^;;;


27 minutes ago, Chaoswolf said:

Good work on him! You got the rust and grime about right, and he looks suitably impressive.


Check out the 'shutterbug' area for some tips and tricks on getting good pics.  The first ones are better (except for the stuff in the background), IMO.


Many thanks!  I'm especially proud about the "I don't really care all that much about my gear so long as it does it's job" kind of look, that also hopefully conveys just how brutal and bloodthirsty their culture is.  Well, that and the cloth lower half, since that took several attempts to get a look I was happy with.


As for the photos...  First two were taken in full auto, but I really didn't like just how cluttered things were, and then wound up having to throw out over two dozen photos that my mobile phone's camera just didn't want to render properly.  Odd how despite being in full manual mode with AI turned off, it kept trying to tweak a bunch of things.  Next time I won't go for the "quick and easy" option, but will instead pull out the G85 that I usually take my final photos with...  And of course will check out the shutterbug section for tricks I might not know of, or aren't making use of!


18 minutes ago, Warlady said:

Rust and grime and blood - he looks great!

Many thanks!  I'm looking forward to having even more skittering, murderous Skaven to work on, and showcase! ^_^

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17 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:




Great job on this one!


As for the pics.

Use a neutral background, point a lamp on it / or if possible use daylight.




Many thanks!  I'm fairly happy with how he turned out, doubly so after having redone certain areas multiple times since I just wasn't happy (that's kind of why in the end, I ditched the idea of a pattern on the banners and went with the effect I got from the application of Nuln Oil) 



Interestingly enough there were two lamps pointed at it, and a white sheet of paper behind, at least after the first two pictures anyways.  I suspect I was running the phone's settings in a way that my phone just didn't like - and probably had the lights a tad too close too. 


I've been contemplating retaking some of them, just to be certain, but I'll need time to do that first, as I'd be setting up the G85 on my Ultrapod II and getting what feels "slightly fancy" to me but it's really just controlling a few more variables in order to get better photos. 


I also suspect I'll be doing the "trick" of some sort of black blanket or such under the mini in order to help push the viewers focus towards the mini itself. (it just works better with product photography, so why not give it a shot with a mini is what I'm thinking) 


... I'm also not going to try and plow through the photos, but actually take my time - I suspect that's the biggest problem I ran into with the two dozen I threw out that were either totally blown out or waaay too underexposed despite it showing as "good" on my phone's screen. 

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Decided to take some new pictures with my G85 and it's kit lens (12-60 at 60mm f5.6 - err, reported as 52mm f5.6, no idea why), because something just didn't feel "right" about the ones from my P20 Pro (aka I found just too many things to be distracting from the initial set of photographs)....


Please excuse the hasty crops, I'm still fairly new to such, and will refine things further as I go (and, uhm, I might contemplate committing what feels to me like heresy, aka buy a tripod, so camera is in the same position for every shot...  I say "heresy" because being a run and gun photographer that carries everything on their back one tends to, uhm, not like excess weight items that may or may not be used, and definitely slow you down).  Next time I'll make sure they share more than just the 4:3 aspect ratio my camera natively has, and get pixel counts close (or even the same!) in each of them.


Background is a simple black sheet of paper from Dollarama.  Yup, dollarstore posterboard, I'm happy enough with what it does for now.  Same 2700k lights I use for painting too. ^_^





Several of my mistakes with painting are even more obvious now, and some areas really stand out as ones I decided to "shelve" (aka stop trying to improve on), and while looking back, I'm regretting having given up on the originally planned lighting angle, I'm also happy he's actually done, which feels a lot more important to me. ^_^;;;;

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2 hours ago, Sharkbelly said:

Looks good! Does this fine fellow have any compatriots?

He does, and he doesn't.  I say it that way, because while he does, a lot are still being assembled, rebased (switching from the old 20mm squares to Reaper circular 25mm lipped bases with various patterns on them), or in various states involving something resembling painting (namely my Warplock Engineer (some paint), Grey Seer (has grey liner), and of course a bunch of minions).


I'm hoping for some more progress on my Skaven in the "soon-TM" timeframe, as I do miss working on them.  They're fun little guys, to say the least.  Eventually, yes, things like Doomwheels will indeed be involved, and as time has gone by it's steadily moved into more of a Pestilens army than the Eshin army I had originally envisioned...  But I don't mind that at all ^_^  I say soon-TM though, as over the coming weeks I have a few different projects that will take higher priority (forum "Winter is coming" Yeti painting competition, two secret sophies, and an attempt at a 7 Day Goblin Challenge on Dragons Don't Share 2014 Edition) but I'm still hoping to at least get say one hero and 5 or so of the foot soldiers done up.


WIP Thread for the whole meal deal is hiding over here if you're curious: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/80111-the-unrelenting-tide-whitewulfes-skaven-army/

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