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Spooky, Scary, Hobby GOALS!(October Hobby Goals Thread)

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1) finish the remaining 10 9 5 cultists

2) finish 7 pulp heroes. Finished, now adding 7 5 more to the list for a total of 14

3) begin work on snake goddess (slightly modified 77393: Avukavali, Snake Demon)

4) begin work on 77589: Avatar of Honor (Gorilla)

5) 4 tomb guards (77146) & captain (77145), possibly mummy lich (77147)


Calling it done for the month... 28 done for the month...

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Same thing as last month.  Basically, I have lots of projects that I want to work on, and need to just get in the habit of grinding away at the lead mountain a little at a time.  I managed just over 20 hours of hobby time last month, and I hope to hit close to 30 hours this month.  I am not worried about finishing any one particular model, just getting down to the basement and working on things.  (Though, if some models actually do get finished, I am perfectly happy with that result.)


ETA - in September,  I got all my Frostgrave plastics assembled, as well as almost 70 CAV models, plus another 100 or so assorted miniatures. And did some painting for 40k, Adeptus Titanicus and my 28mm Nappys. Time to clear the board and start anew!

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In keeping with my 2018 goals my October goals include:

  1. Finish painting my character figure for D&D
  2. Paint the brain in a jar from Bones 3
  3. Paint another Bear's Head figure
  4. Paint another Hasslefree mini
  5. Paint this month's Mithril miniature




My 2018 hobby goals include:

  • Running a Dark Conspiracy RPG for my gaming group
  • Running a Frostgrave/Ghost Arch game at Reapercon in September (I sort of did this. I played, but it wasn't on the schedule)
  • Painting the 10 miniatures from the hasslefree kickstarter
  • Painting the 6 miniatures from the Going Native kickstarter
  • Painting the 5 miniatures from the Bear's Head kickstarter (on track with four)
  • Continue painting the Monthly Mithril Miniatures (on track with ten)
  • Reduce and limit the WIP box (formerly the shelf o' shame) to 6 figures. It currently sits at  >12 
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We closed on the new house last Thursday, so most of the free time in October will be taken up with moving preparations.  However, I’ve also got two business trips, so I’ll take the travel paint kit and see what I can do with a few Burrows and Badgers figures, or a couple of miscellaneous Bones for Ghost Archipelago.

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I'm going to keep things somewhat minimal this month for goals....

  • Work on Unrelenting Tide (Skaven Army): I'm aiming to get that second squad of Night Runners assembled on new 25mm round bases, and also have all ten Poison Wind Globadiers painted too
  • Work on Furiously Fluffy Howling Hounds: Reaver of Kargir and Krokuta are my two main focuses for painting, but I also want to get the gaps filled on my Minotaur Demon Lord
  • Work towards finishing Tanith!
  • Prepare for the oncoming apocalypse, aka 7-Day Goblin Challenge and DDS2 (which I'll more than likely be starting late in the day October 26th!)


EDIT:  Ebonwrath Rainbow dragon challenge, and Wyrmgear being fully sculpted and assembled (with a custom base!) have been moved to "overall 2018" goals in order to have more focus on a few things, instead of many.

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Dangit.  Forgot that the Kings of War skirmish game, Vanguard, ships this month.  I need to either drop a project, finish a project*, or adjust my board.  But 31 projects seems like too many to work on at once.


<peanut gallery>And 30 doesn't?</peanut gallery>


* Actually, the Wild West historics are only 10 or 20 models, so it is doable.  Technically, I have fewer Arena Rex models, or Dark Age, but those will take more time, I think.

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On 9/1/2018 at 12:09 AM, Generic Fighter said:

Hobby Goals go! Mine are below...




Olde Stuff

--Next VPRG I'm starting is likely Dragon Quest 11.

--Gonna start Nativity Set soon.

--Can't find the $#@@ Monks.

--Spring Exchange Minis are also in que for soon.

--Thinking about getting Translated Repro Cart of Secret of Mana 2 or a Shin Megumi Tensei SNES Game for next of these.


New Stuff

--Starting a Catlady Mini for a friend

--deciding on BoGW Group Paint Mini options.




On 9/21/2018 at 10:56 AM, Generic Fighter said:

Alrighty, my progress so far...


--about 30 or so hours into Dragon Quest 11.Very fun. Excellent story so far.

--planning to spend this weekend working on this and other projects.

--At parents house to search for those monks.

--Also part of Weekend plans.

--still haven't decided on this.

--did base coats on Catlady mini.

--BoGW mini chosen and Box Sent to first on the list!



None of these got done last weekend or the one before it due to my air conditioner failing on Saturday! Well, except the BoGW stuff. So they are all on for October.



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2 hours ago, Rob Dean said:


Alas, I cannot help but agree! Try finishing either the smallest first, or the one for which you have the most enthusiasm...::P:

Especially since too many months have only 30 days.  :lol:   Dark Age is probably the smallest*, but I only have a dozen or so models for the historic Wild West, so they will get done first.


* Picoarmor is technically the smallest, and actually, I could probably paint all of the picoarmor that I have in a couple of days, if I really wanted to do so.  There is only so much detail you can paint on at 6mm scale - most of it is base color, drybrush, wash.

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Progress updates:

  • Marth finished! Need to take good pictures for him.
  • Frost Giant Queen started! She may or may not go into the Reaper Giant FB contest, undecided.
  • Un-shelving the 3 Fire Giants.
  • Painted Kassandra.
  • Painted the Mystic Circle which wasn't even on my list. 


  • Ma'al
  • Mini Ma'al
  • Isabeau
  • Shubby


  • No new projects currently


  • Paint Frost Giant Queen for giveaway.
  • Start Angel of Shadows for FB contest.
  • Seal many minis.
  • Take photos of Marth, at the very least.
  • Continue working on October advent calendar to use next year.
  • Finish organizing Minivember: The Last.
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