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Spooky, Scary, Hobby GOALS!(October Hobby Goals Thread)

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October ain't over yet and I've had a pretty good month for building and painting. So far it's looking likely to keep going so I'm thinking about larger goals. Decided to write them up here as a way to set my priorities even though there are no set finish by dates and I often jump around the list or do things not on the list.


For October

Finish the 3 half painted minis on the table.

Finish my battering ram.


Longer term (ie ~6 months)

Finish the rest of my basics for a siege battle. Ruined castle pieces, assemble and paint a massive trebuchet, a couple boiling oil cauldrons and a mine head. There are other things too but these are first so I can actually play a game. 

Finish painting my GW High Elf army. My oldest army that I've had for close to 25 years. 10 years ago I did a big push on painting and got close to finishing them. Since then I've only painted a couple more. About 25 infantry and 6 cavalry to paint and no real plans of adding to the army. This could be the second army I've ever totally completed.

Make more water terrain. I need to finish off a few small river corners and want to make some lakes/ponds and swamps.

Finish my goblin army. Mostly GW minis but with a bunch from other companies too. About 50 infantry left to paint but this army is continually growing as I find new goblins I like. 

Paint my Frostgrave cultist warband. Roughly 20 minis assembled so far. My one issue with games like Frostgrave is that even though you only need to have 10 minis to play I like modeling all the options so end up with 20-30 minis to choose from for each themed warband. Then there's a bunch of generic soldiers that other warbands can use.

Finish painting my Mordheim Sister's of Sigmar warband and add some other female minis to make it work as a sigilist warband for Frostgrave.

More terrain with finishing a small village as a priority.


Very long term

Just for the sake of completion a quick list of other projects. If I continue at the rate I've been going the last couple years I might finish them in 5 years.

GW Empire army. My second oldest army only about 25% painted but completely assembled with no plans for more minis.

GW dwarves and friends. Mostly assembled and about 10% painted.

GW Tomb Kings and friends. Mostly assembled and about 20% painted.

Medieval russian army. Mostly assembled and about 10% painted.

GW Dark Elf army. About 10% assembled and painted with the rest still in boxes.

Bones, Bones and more Bones. Is this ever going to really end? I hope not. 


I'm not even going to mention the various scifi minis because I haven't been doing that the last few years. Let's just say while not as impressive as my fantasy collection it's not small.


Compare this to my completed list.

Early imperial roman army.

Frostgrave necromancer/undead warband.

40K Eldar army

That's all.

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On 10/4/2018 at 3:50 PM, Evilhalfling said:


Paint River Widow faction figure from RCon 

Greenstuff Bones Conversions:  (mashup class) 

- Flying Bear 

- Dragon Wyrm 


finish 2 minis for exchange. 


paint Giant (Ral Partha 1977 ed)

armored figure from bones 3 core to practice blending  for my las KD figure 

start last KD: gold smoke knight.



Old Hill Giant

2 minis for Summer exchange  


Bones 3


Armored figure 


Mashup Horned Serpent    WIP in progress. 


so 6 for the month? kind of slow progress, but most painted to a high quality 



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On 10/2/2018 at 6:53 AM, WhiteWulfe said:

I'm going to keep things somewhat minimal this month for goals....

  • Work on Unrelenting Tide (Skaven Army): I'm aiming to get that second squad of Night Runners assembled on new 25mm round bases, and also have all ten Poison Wind Globadiers painted too
  • Work on Furiously Fluffy Howling Hounds: Reaver of Kargir and Krokuta are my two main focuses for painting, but I also want to get the gaps filled on my Minotaur Demon Lord
  • Work towards finishing Tanith!
  • Prepare for the oncoming apocalypse, aka 7-Day Goblin Challenge and DDS2 (which I'll more than likely be starting late in the day October 26th!)


EDIT:  Ebonwrath Rainbow dragon challenge, and Wyrmgear being fully sculpted and assembled (with a custom base!) have been moved to "overall 2018" goals in order to have more focus on a few things, instead of many.

In the end...  Not much of the goals got done...  Although I've another 2.5 days left in the 7-Day Goblin Challenge on DDS2, and...  Well, a reasonable amount is done.  Going to be tight/down to the wire for finishing though, due to a variety of things burning up extra time.  Didn't really get much done on the Skaven or FFHH, but...  I'm okay with such - they will see progress in November ^_^

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Blew away my early October goals but didn't quite finish my late October ones. Awful close but not in a painting mood right now. Finished 2 of the 3 minis I wanted to and did a fair amount on the last. The battering ram is also very, very close to finished. If I hadn't had a bit of trouble with the roof on it I would have finished. I did do some painting on goblins instead of finishing other stuff so it's all good. Carry on in November.

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Well, of my 30 "active" projects on that white board (now affectionately known as the White Board of Doom), I managed to work on almost all of them for at least 20 minutes this month. It's not a lot, sometimes - most projects had less than an hour of actual work, but a couple had a good five or six hours over the month, and I can generally see improvement on all fronts.



November is going to be different - we do a 24 hour charity event at my FLGS in early Dec, so I am only working on games that we are playing for that. I know I won't get everything painted for it, but I can sure make a dent in making things look nice.

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I got pretty close with my goals. All the goblins got done, 4 of the 6 familiars 1 pack got finished (and the other two have base coats and bases), finished two hero characters with one left incomplete. If I hadn’t gotten sick in the last week I think it would have been everything done. 

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As expected, I didn't touch a brush later in the month, due to the move.  In fact, I had to unpack a hastily-stuffed moving box to find my painting log.  Anyway, all that aside, it looks like what I ended up with was 6 Burrows and Badgers anthropomorphic animals, a single Bones pirate to add to my Ghost Archipelago crew, and a Stonehaven downed giant I found while packing and had a sudden desire to try painting. ::P:


Actual movers come in a week to relocate things, so I hope that I am going to be able to hang onto a few things to work that won't require me to dig in the deep archive boxes...(but that's really for the November thread).

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