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Dragon Queen

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7 hours ago, EvilJames said:

Very nice. Who makes this one? How big is it?


Thank you! Actually i sculpted this miniature myself, it's 15cm/5.9" high :D you can check it out at  West-Forge miniature website.


5 hours ago, sentinel said:

Man, that whole model is just great.  That skin is so smooth, jeeminy!  Nicely done.


So cool man, Thank you so much! 


4 hours ago, Rigel said:

The color transitions on the wings are exquisite. Amazing work; ten years have in no wise dulled your skill.


Thank you :-) to be honest i have few more ideas how to paint the dragon i will try to post them in near future. 

Funny thing it feels totally different as how i remember it :D 


1 hour ago, Warlady said:



Thanks! :-) 

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2 hours ago, Tjrez said:

nice job, very cool subtle tones



Thank you Tjrez, to be honest i will try some more brave tones i think, i'm interested to see how this will change perception of this miniature. 

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The Queen's skin tone is amazing as is the coloration across the dragon.

Fantastic work!

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