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Working up some fantasy terrain

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I've started building some fantasy terrain.


Here is a bit of GW Goblintown with some rock outcroppings that I'm making.  If I'm going to have any trolls hanging around in these caves then the top of the rocks have to be quite flat.  

I'm not sure what kind of texture would be best.




Some Last Sword resin ruins have been primed. I have a set of GW's Osgiliath ruins on the way.



Once these projects are either done or close to it,  I think I'll order some mdf buildings and make a Rohan style village.

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15 hours ago, Zink said:

Both look pretty good but I think I like the end pieces a bit more.


Agreed! :D


But it depends on the look you are going for. Are you going to add more detail and stuff around the more neutral bits?

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Build and spray painted my second set of Goblin Town terrain.  I did something a bit different in that I did a base coat in a dark green and then tried to put on the tan color a bit light.   I haven't put down a wash on it yet and it doesn't look bad IMO.


This is both sets together.


Also you can see a few of my rock formations DDS2 tower and one bit of Osgiliath in this skirmish between dwarves and goblins



Currently I'm on some more rock formation, including one large enough to fit the tower on top of.  Also I think I need more ladders.

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Experimenting with some MDF buildings for Rohan or Dark Ages/Medieval.  Sarissa on the left, Warbases on the right.




The sides are painted with texture medium plus some pale yellow paint.  I like how the wood texture shows through the spray paint on the Warbases hut on the right.  that cross beam is attached to the roof so I can't put textured paint in that triangle over the door.

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