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Working up some fantasy terrain

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My original plan was to put these on bases and then put in a good amount of rubble in the form of sprue bricks and kitty litter but having glued this together, it's pretty solid feeling and I wonder if I could get away without a base and if that would make it more flexible in use.  These are supposed to be generic then again if I plan to leave them at the FLGS they'll need all the reinforcement they can get.

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I having a bit of an internal debate about whether the basement level and the piles of rubble are a great idea.  From a tactical perspective it makes the terrain more asymmetric than might be ideal.  That is it doesn't seem all together obvious that minis could come up to the front of the ruin and shoot through the windows.  And since 40k minis are on such large bases these days it wouldn't be practical to make a rubble firing step in front of the wall.   Well, I guess I wouldn't mind if the Primaris bumped their heads trying to get through the doors...



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