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GOT Loot Train Battle Project

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In a fit of madness a friend and I decided to undertake a project to put together a wargame scenario based on the incredible Loot Train battle as featured in Season7, Episode 4 of Game of Thrones. ( S

Lol...thanks, Rat13!  Hopefully all our players will be as appreciative as you when their troops get fried!      Here is the finished prototype token.  I have to say, I think it came out pre

Played around today with making a dragon attack casualty marker.     I took an odd sprue of ancient warriors, and assembled a suitable casualty, and glued it to a washer.   I

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Today I fiddled around with making a prototype of the Dothraki Horse Archers which feature in the battle.  It's a cool segment of the scene to see them getting up to kneel on their horses backs to fire their bows.




The problem I had was there really aren't any figures in a similar pose, so I had to do some serious leg reconfiguration, and some work on the joint between the waist ant the torso to get the archer firing in the right direction.  


It's not perfect, but certainly good enough I think.  Now only 9 more to construct...


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I got Daenerys painted today, and the dragon primed black.  


I'm really pleased with the Dany figure considering she's made of assorted cobbled-together parts.  It's not a prefect representation, but I think it gets the idea across.  ::):





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7 minutes ago, Sirithiliel said:

i'm glad you got the dragon assembled! i know i wasn't any help on that



Thanks!  No worries.  ::):  In the end it wasn't as hard as it first looked.  I just took my time and did it one piece at a time.   

 (Though I was terribly jealous of your friend with the huge printing surface as I worked at green stuffing all the joints to be better blended.  They're not perfect, but good enough for gaming.)  

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