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Heresylab - Scifi Heresy Girls - Miniature Set 1.2


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Over the past decade I have directly assisted multiple miniature companies achieve success with their projects. I have both broad and lengthy experience in the miniature industry. My previous work has covered all aspects of miniature production from design to manufacturing, and ranges from working with metal to resin and also plastic materials. Now I am creating my own line of high quality figures and am asking for your help to meet my goals. 


This project is an extension of the Heresy Girl Kickstarter and will expand to add more figures, add-ons, and freebies. After the first KS my warehouse was left only with a few figures and need to make a new order. As prices go by quantity this KS hopefuly will allow me to get a betetr price make backer happy and get new stock. 


If a picture is worth a thousand words than these images should speak for themselves. The Heresy Girls Kickstarter feedback will confirm what said above, just look at all the positive comments I got about the look and quality of the figures.   

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2 hours ago, SamuraiJack said:

You pick the scale.. 32mm, 54mm KS exclusive and 70mm its in the pledge descriptions

I saw the other tiers for 54mm, but didn't find any info on what the scale of the normal ones was (even in the Pledge descriptions) hence why the curiosity.  If 32mm, it's intriguing, but I'll have to think since only a handful catch my eye. 

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I'd backed the previous KS, and jumped in for the 54mm plus a few of the 32mm in this one.  I'd thought about getting Lautyr in 54mm but went with MAW.  After seeing what happened when the the 3D artist produced the render I'm glad I didn't go with the 54mm for her!  I'd posted my disappointment when the render went up and it seemed like the majority agreed with me so I held off cancelling her out of my options until we heard back from the creator.  He finally responded today that future sculpts would adhere more closely to the concept art.  Went to cancel the model out of my order... and backerkit is locked so you can only change the address!  At the time the render was shown you could still make changes, now you can't.  Grr... :angry:


**Okay, after seeing my comment on KS, the owner was kind enough to unlock Backerkit so I could go in and amend my order.  Kudos for that!

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Wow!  People want to complain about Reaper not sticking to the concept art?  Go look at what this KS has done with the last two figures!  ::o: The latest sculpt bears NO resemblance to the concept art!  Cancelled THAT one out of my order as well.  While he's stated he's instructed the 'sculptor' to stick closer to the concept art for the last couple, I should probably go back and cancel the other that's in my order.  Yeesh. :grr:

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Wow...  That's nowhere even remotely near the same character...   The words that come to mind wouldn't even be fit for buzzy areas... 


I'm feeling like I dodged a bullet by not backing this one, even though some of the designs were rather unique and neat looking.  (yeah, I know, finances were the biggest part but still) 

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It looks like HeresyLab is going another kickstarter with 3 days left.  What did everyone think of the miniatures they got from the previous campaign?  I'm really intrigued by 77 The Purifier.



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