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Reapercon BoGW V2 chatter/travel/picture thread

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Ok, I've got the box organized and packed; hopefully I can make to the post office Monday to start it on it's way.


Here's the list:


Ratmaster 2000--arrived 10/31, sent 11/1

SGhawkins 09--arrived11/2, sent 11/10

ShadowPhase--arrived 11/13, sent 11/16

Strawhat--arrived 11/19, sent 12/1

GlitterWolf--arrived 12/10

RobinH--arrived 1/8, sent 1/9

Necromancer---arrived 1/14, sent 1/16

Generic Fighter--arrived 1/18, sent 1/22

Disserma--arrived 1/24, sent 2/6

RedAmbrosia--arrived 2/8, sent 2/26

Ttuckerman--arrived 2/28, sent 3/1

Fire Eyes--arrived 3/4, sent 3/15

Chris Palmer--arrived 3/18, sent 3/20



If there's anything left, send it back to me, and it'll get put into the next (regular version) BoGW that happens.


There are enough items included for everyone to make four (4) picks. After you've grabbed some stuff, seal it back up and send it the next person. This is all based on the generosity of people at Reapercon, so there's no need to put anything back in; this is a straight up gift. ::):

There are 2 pairs of sunglasses in there; they don't have anything to do with Reaper/Reapercon other than that they were in the swag bag, and (I'm guessing) donated by the city of Denton. If you want a pair take 'em, they don't have to count as one of your 4 items, unless your conscience dictates otherwise.

If you want to help out with international shipping fees (and no one is under any obligation to do so) contact Strawhat, GlitterWolf, or RobinH to work something out.


A big THANK YOU!! to everyone who donated stuff for this to happen.


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So it was really hard to decide what to get, sooo many nice mini's and other cool stuff. So I finally decided on:   Reapercon Sophie 2018 mini Dark sword Pug Mage (this was really cool)

Here's what I took (including the cat back).

Got the package.  Here is what I choose. Hope to send package on tomorrow.

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12 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

Hmm, that's not one of the federal holidays that my company recognizes, thanks for the reminder. Tuesday it is, then.

I've even got the day off, and I still took far longer than it should have to make the connection.

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