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Kingdom Death : Community Rules

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has anyone seen/tried these? 

I kind of burned out on Kingdom Death Solo - I played 2 campaigns to 20 years, 2x to 30 years and 2 campaigns crashed in 8 or less years. 

games with groups have lasted to year 4, 6,7  before being abandoned. 


It doesn't look like the gamblers chest is coming anytime soon, but there is an update promised along with the usual black friday sale. 



Anyway it looks like they tried to rebalance some of the terrible or little-used equipment, and nerfed the counterwieght axe.

Some of the (welcome) changes - whips got a strength boost,  white lion armor got a +2 to all locations as set bonus, and heavy keyword was removed. 

sonic axes got modified and given range 3: thrown.

Daggers and clubs got deck manipulation built into them,  not sure how that will work in play.  


Of course, irritatingly I will have to print new cards - I can just add them to the sleeves of the original cards. right after I buy and sleeve them 

- sleeving is reasonably priced but a lot of work. 


also finally bought fall colored dice (my fav of the dice sets) 


any thoughts ? 




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Sounds interesting, although some changes do seem like they would make the game a bit too easy (like that White Lion armour boost), but to be honest I've never got far enough in the game to know if their ideas are good or not.


Plus I never really worry about what equipment is best and making optimal Survivor builds etc. (although that would probably explain why I don't get very far).

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well currently I have never built white lion armor - it is just weaker than antelope and just as hard to assemble.

WL looks good enough to be worth trying, but still not as good as leather. 


I had 1 CW axe in almost every boss fight,  I brought 2 vs a kingsman.   the nerf means ill have to try other things. 

they also changed Pheonix armor, allowing it to self-repair, but I used the existing change bonus in my only successful fight vs the final Gold Smoke Knight. 


I must optimize all the time, its the only way to get past year 20. 



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I always build at least one set of White Lion armour, partly because it's a bit better than Rawhide and makes a decent stopgap until you unlock Fur or Leather, but mostly because I like the visual of a crazy Survivor pouncing on a giant monster!


Like with most of the changes, I can't comment on the Phoenix armour, it's just too far into the game for me to have much experience using (it's possible I've never actually made any).


If the game does lock you into needing certain builds to get through it, than anything that shakes that up is probably a good idea, I just don't know enough to know how good their ideas are.


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