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Games Workshop LOTR Goblin King


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Hello everyone! I have been teaching myself how to paint for a while, and am the first to admit I have a lot to learn! I have been watching these forums for a little while, and thought I would post here the Goblin King from GW LOTR strategy battle game and see if anyone would mind giving me some advice. It just seems...unfinished, or something. I have used citadel paints and washed it with Agrax Earthshade, but may another wash or something? All advice and opinions welcome. Thanks!




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That's a great job, my first minis didn't look that good!


He looks great as is, should you want to improve the look a little more, a few more highlights/shadows on the brown leather skirt would make it stand out more.

And I would flock that base with a little sand/grass or something to make him look like he is in terrain.

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That sounds pretty good. I appreciate the compliments! Yeah, I really need to base him. Kind of cheated with the bases for all these goblins. Painted the bases in just basic colors in groups of five and painted numbers underneath, so I could keep track of them for our One Ring rpg. Easier to keep up with a bunch of enemies when all I have to do is look at the base color and the number under it. "OK, you are attacking yellow number 3, got it" Good for big battles, at least it works for me

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