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Hello there! I'm new to the world of Reaper Bones. I don't usually buy unpainted mini, let alone unpainted minis which require assembly but the Khanjira The World Breaker and the C'thulhu minis were something I couldn't walk away from. I'm a Call of Cthulhu fanboy, I have always wanted to use him in an D&D campaign and never thought my Horrorclix Mighty Cthulhu fit the bill, especially with the stagnant form of him rising up out of the ocean. I also plan on using Khanjira The World Breaker  as the Tarrasque.


The Tarrasque is a gargantuan creature. What size round base would I use for that? Would 160mm work? I also assume Cthulhu would be gargantuan, I have always pictured him being collassal sized but the Reaper Bones mini doesn't reflect that size scale so perhaps he'd be more a Starspawn or aspect of Cthulhu? Meh, who cares? I'm HAPPY with the two pieces and looking forward to painting them as I couldn't wait to assemble them! 


But any help and advice about base size would be quite useful, thank you! 


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160mm sounds right for Khanjira/Tarrasque (fun fact:  Tarrasque is based off the *real* Tarasque of Provence, France!).  Easy way to figure would be to measure the longest dimension of his built-in base and use that as they base diameter.  I think a 120 or even 100 might work for Cthulhu.

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Based on D&D 3.5 (I don't currently play 5th or PF, so I'm not sure how/if the larger sizes changed), huge is a 3" base (76ish mm), gargantuan is a 4" base (105 mm) and colossal is 6" or more (152+ mm).


All that said, my garg minis, including Reaper's Cthulhu, are mostly based on CDs, so 120mm / not quite 5". Cthulhu could fit on a smaller base, but the built in base on mine was a little bendy, so I like the slightly oversized base for stability.


My colossals are based on wooden plaques (picked up fairly cheaply at Michael's) of whatever size best fits the mini. I don't have Khanjira, but it looks like a 6" or 7" plaque would do the trick just fine.


Which is all to say, I agree with BLZeebub's assessment.

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