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Wiz Kids Grey Slaad

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    • By GodOfCheese
      After battling a few of these in an expedition to the nether planes, I figured I should paint at least one of them...

    • By MKCS
      Here is my take on a classic baddy.
      I was not overly fond of the creature coming out of the package.  The lower half of the mandible was lower than the Umber Hulks feet.  A bit of hot and cold water fixed that easily enough.  One of my daughters ‘donated’ some stuffy fur for the finishing touches.  I wish I could have done something differently for the eyes, but overall I am quite pleased.
      I hope you like it, and as always C&C are welcome!

    • By Felltyde
      Super simple, but I dig how shroomish they look 

    • By Felltyde
      Still love my reaper, but wiz kids has some nice monsters 

    • By wickedshifty
      This guy was a blast to paint. 

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