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Adeptus Ratstartes Legion XIII: Ubriacomarines

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Considered* to be the biggest, bestest, most loyal Legion with the nicest shiniest armour, the Ubriacomarines take the Codex Ratstartes very seriously. Written by their primarch Rocamadour Guerbigny, the Codex contains a list of Emperor-approved cheeses, lots of recipes, a handy glossary of terms and is available in five installments priced at only $IX.XCIX each**.




As the XIII Legion follows this tome to the letter they will view anyone who doesn't use a Codex-approved fondue set with deep suspicion and have called Exterminatus on planets found to be using Velveeta. Following Guerbigny's miraculous recovery the Empire is looking forward to "Codex Ratstartes II: Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Buy Kraft Singles" with great anticipation.




The Ubriacomarines remain blissfully unaware that almost every other Legion refers to its Ratstartes as "smurfs".


*By themselves.

**Plus S&H.





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Love the symbols. Nice work!!


(really should slap some paint on the ones I have)

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