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How are you all planning to intro the Psyros to your players? Trust me the massive games last weekend created a lot of buzz alraeady... lemmee see, 15 sections versus 11 on day one and 11 versus 8 were just great. Thuogh I am feeling a tad disasembled here!


For those just reading these are called Psychotic Robots, or Psyros for short and they are just a tad misunderstood!





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I'm not actually....


Right now, I don't feel we're ready for the Psyros so we'll be using them sparsely in scenarios (perhaps) as an unknown and random factor - which is how I see them at the moment anyway.


And since I'm the last person who should be attempting conversions, I'll also wait for the official models (or borrow a friend's Nids :o))

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The only similarity between the Borg and Psyros is that they have hives... and thus they have drones and tend ot not care about individual casualties on the field of worship.


However, Psyros are freaked out AI's which the Terrans used to put into system and planetary defense stations while the Borg are a race which has turned to inorganic implants to supplement their fragile bodies (sound familar any GW players??) and eventually grew into the Borg.


Prysos are inorganic and simply wish to be left alone - they pose no threat to anyone unless they are provoked. However, the Borg see everyone as their inferiors and attempt to aassimilate them.


The Borg and the Psyros are much different as entities - and then you get to the phsycalitied. Psyros are large robot like things which have weapons and claws and blades and the like. Borg drones are humanoid and are also fairly human in size, weight and other biometric values.


In short, any comparison between the Borg and the Psyros shall be met with the cold hard steel of truth and the brutal shame of facts. I am very passionate about my Star Trek and my CAV - the two do not cross.... and Great Ogre have mercy on those who attempt to muddy the waters :o)

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