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Yeah, I suppose you could liken Psyros to inorganic and technological Nids but then I'd have to open up a can or whoop arse on whoever were that suicidal }:o)


However, comparing the Borg to the Necrontyr would actually make sense... provided that person were to then go on to say how GW ripped off the concept (much like most of their fluff). Otherwise, well let's just say I carry an economy sized can for such occaisions }:o)


And for anyone who does both.... let's just say there's a nice room in Frank's House of Pain that's vacant right now }:o)

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What I use for psyros, quite frankly, choose whatever you want to throw at them... then if this is the first encounter, I have mostly Drones with some Agressors Type A and even less Type B. As people start atacking the Hive, you increasingly get more and more Type A and Type B. Finally one of these days they will face only type B.


Also the Psryso have their skills hard coded and... you will have to come up with a retreat algorithm, since they are here for resources and there is a limit of how many losses they will take.



What works, so far is at 30% losses, don't roll a 1 or they will pull out, at 40%, 1-3, at 50%, 1-4, at 60%, 1-6 and at 70% or above no roll necessary, they will pull out. Too many losses.


Hope this gives you some fodder.



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Wolf, the problem with vague descriptions and the like, is that someone like me comes along and in a three minute tirade says what I said in one breath and very fast - people don't know what to say when I'm finished.


And the main problem in this situation is that the only similarities are very vague but are more 'coincidenatal' than anything else. Some terms the same, but once you know what you're talking about they're vastly different.

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I know Frank.  Nuts, I get bust out for a vague, passing comment on similarities, and I didn't even start it, bummer. :(  :(


Talk about being chastised.


Oh well, live and learn. :p


I like were you and Frosh are taking the Psyro scenarios.  I like the algorithm for losses.

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